10 important things to do for TISS

10 important things to do for TISS

How to execute your preparation

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Quick Tips for TISSNET Preparation

  1. Prepare a list of important formula in each chapter.
  2. Note the tips for quick solution of problems
  3. Make daily/weekly targets and write them down
  4. Revise the syllabus as per study plan
  5. Make timetable and distribute time & strive to achieve that
  6. Solve previous year questions as per time frame guidelines of actual exam.
  7. Have proper sleep and proper diet.
  8. Time Management: Performing well in the entrance exam depends largely on strategizing the flow and proper time management. You should decide well in advance how much time you are going to give on each subject, based on your strong and weak points. With proper time management, you will surely save yourself from the panic during the actual exam. Time management is important. If you start and learn to manage the time systematically and efficiently most of the problems are solved. Every student, whether rank 1 in TISSNET or rank 10,000, has same 24 hours each day, “It’s the management of time and efforts that brings considerable difference. With some efforts and sincerity, time can be managed well by TISS aspirants”.
  1. Solve Previous Year Papers:-Solving previous year papers is the most important and required thing to do if you want to excel in TISSNET. MOCKS will provide you an insight into the type of questions, marking scheme and time duration. Solving these MOCKS will give you an idea about how the actual entrance exam will be.
  1. Keep Calm and Stay Fit:-Keeping your mind at peace and body fit is essential for an efficient brain. Toppers suggest that going for a small walk or doing a little exercise will keep your body fit. Your eating habits are also of great prominence. Take good amount of fiber and protein content.

“Solving mock tests is very important to be habitual on the day of exam. It will prevent panic situations and will give you confidence as well”.

While practicing the mock tests, you will get to know your weak areas. So, you can devote much time to such topics and prepare them well. Setting a time limit while solving sample papers will improve your speed. Understanding time management during preparation will benefit you during the actual TISSNET.

An old saying, “Health Is Wealth” is completely true. If you take proper care of your health, then your capability will also increase. Listening good music will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your senses.

Keeping these TISSNET Preparation Tips on your fingertips, may benefit you with better preparation and eventually good results. It’s all about practicing more and more, while keeping your motivation levels high. If you think you can do it, then you are already halfway there.


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