10 most important things to do for XAT

10 most important things to do for XAT

Checkpoints of the exam


1)  Prepare early, prepare well

The first and foremost lesson that one must adhere to in pursuit of cracking the XAT exam is to start preparing early. It is advisable for students to start preparing for the Management entrance exams from the second year of their graduation itself since the exams mostly depends on new questions. The earlier you start, the more topics you get covered which would help you to have a head start in your preparation.

2)  Do not waste time on unimportant things

Every second is important if you really want to get a mammoth score and be among the toppers in XAT entrance examinations. You need to focus on your studies and stay away from things which divert your attention from studies.

3)  Devote more time to studying

You should at least give 10 hours to your preparation daily since the syllabus is huge and you have to devote a considerable amount of time to cover the most of it.

4)  Coaching Classes

Getting into a good coaching class specialized for preparing students for the XAT entrance examination is highly advisable since the students are given a lot of information in a short time. The lessons learnt should be segregated subject-wise and the lessons should always be revised after the class.

5)  Be exam specific during preparation

The contents in the syllabi and the examination pattern of the different entrance exams are different than the others. So it is important to focus your concentration on the exam you wish to appear for and prepare accordingly.

6)  Seek productive advice

The best person to seek advice is the one who has cracked the XAT entrance exam and whom you consider to be on the same level as yourself. It is useless to seek advice from a person who has done average in the exam because it is more likely that you will get unmotivated by his words.

7) Bottom Line

The biggest of all tips for XAT is to manage time – adapt a strategic preparation plan and act upon it accordingly because only academic proficiency cannot take one over the line. One has to adapt an intuitive study regime to make it to the top in the XAT entrance examination. It is also important to have the right books for preparation.

8) Revision

Students should prepare separate quick revision notes for each subject, to help their last minute revision.

9) Mock questions

Never forget to solve old question papers and they often give a good idea about the likelier questions to come in the exam.

10) Cautious Attempts

Negative marks would be in the play where wrong answers and picking more choices than one would be penalized to bring down the chances of cracking the exam.


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