10 things to know about NMAT 2015

10 things to know about NMAT 2015

Early this year, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) acquired NMAT exam from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). The exam was retitled as NMAT by GMAC.

10 things to know about NMAT 2015

1. NMAT 2015 by GMAC
this wil help students with more streamlined process. Test will be adaptable like gmat or linear like cat is not yet clear but definately good news for students.

2. NMAT 2015 Test Pattern no change
Speed game.. NMAT is real test of knowledge and strategy management.. it’s like a t20 match. 120 balls 120 runs.

Language Skills – 32 questions – 22 minutes
Quantitative Skills – 48 questions – 60 minutes
Logical Reasoning – 40 questions- 38 minute
Total Time 120 questions 120

3. Testing window:
75-day testing window allows candidates to choose convenient test dates. Oct 6 to Dec 18. So that working students and college students can plan their exam time conveniently.

4 Section order:
A candidate can choose the order in which he/she would like to respond to each of the sections on the test. Ie You can choose to go for Quant – Verbal or Logic.. Login Quant Verbal.. total 6 combinations will come on screen to start with.

5 No negative marking:
no change jn pattern, Candidates can make an informed guess instead of skipping a question without the fear of a penalty for a wrong answer.

6 Multiple times:
unlike CAT but like GMAT, A candidate can take the NMAT three times in a given admissions cycle. This gives candidates the confidence of having more than a single opportunity to perform their very best. Target should be to cross 210 score in anyone of the tests.

7 Scheduling:
Candidates can choose test appointment date, time, and location in real-time based on the availability of seats at each test centre every 15 days. Ie minimum 15 days gap needed before retake. Register for the NMAT exam from your mobile as well Candidates can register anytime and anywhere.

8 locations
27 testing locations: Candidates can choose from 27 conveniently located testing centers in 18 cities.

9 Multiple collges
Sending scores to up to seven programmes for free: Candidates can select the list of programmes they want to send their scores to before OR after taking the exam. Up to seven programmes are included in the registration fee.
Applying to business schools after reviewing results: Candidates may view their results and then decide to apply to business school or retake the test depending on their comfort with their results.

10. Ghosts of the recent past
if you had gap between your gradualtion like Bcom in 4 years or engineering in 5 years.. you are not allowed for NMAT. ATKT or backs is no problem.

So all the best for NMAT 2015.

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