10 things to do for MICAT

How to execute your preparation


  1. Do your best in CAT, not thinking about anything to do with cut offs etc. MICA is your dream college may be a great thing but please don’t start on that note and hence ruling out your chances for other top B schools via CAT XAT and other exams. You cannot really say what the exact procedure for selections for MICA will be until the admission notice comes out somewhere in August. Till then, exams like CAT/XAT and the likes should be your clear targets to make it a good half chance. MICAT generally takes place in Feb end-early March.


  1. Read as much as you can. Well that is a part of VA preparation for CAT and XAT and thus that should not require any extra effort. Just that read and follow more about marketing and advertising. Not sticking to one or two sources of media, wherever you get related info, read it, research about things you are hearing for the first time so that you understand those concepts better when they cross you the next time.


  1. Know thyself! That’s an ideal way to crack this part of the experiment. ‘For the psychometric test, one can’t put into practice much. Just be familiar with yourself better as well as answer the questions honestly. Both creativity, as well as common sense, is requisite”. Candidates just require planning properly for the exam as well as completing all the sections in time.


  1. Yes you might be doing a lot of it online and in social networks like this, which is not bad at all but write a bit with a paper and a pen as MICAT will eventually be a paper/pen test and you will be required to think and write in the heat of the moment. So better be used to thinking and writing, if not the latter!


  1. For placements and other long term implications of writing MICAT, this might not be the best time. As per the timeline, when you appear for MICAT, you will have “X” more months of work-ex. So that will change you a lot as a person may be and how you see your future from there. From March till June, you will have your processes for various B-schools and hopefully convert a few good ones. That is the time when you should start thinking on this track- ROI, Placements, Value addition, Education, Quality of life after an MBA. So, I’d suggest that please don’t prepare with placements in mind but a list of good B-schools you really want to get in more for the value addition through their course than the money aspect.


  1. Test of Logic:- MICAT is also the test of logic along with common sense. It doesn’t matter if you are for or in opposition to a topic. It matters how you rationally can you present (or assume) your point of view.


  1. MICAT doesn’t set too much focus on mathematics or the quantitative aptitude. The question paper has been set to test the innovations. So applicant just requires focusing on basis as well as core concepts in DI along with QA. There’s also all the exclusive psychometric test that assesses personality as well as characteristics.


8. Focus on improving your problem-solving speed, which requires continuous practice. Drill yourself with regular numerical problem practice. By the time you go for the actual exam, you will have developed a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it.

  1. Build a good timetable and follow it religiously. Systematic study is more important than studying concepts randomly.


  1. Avoid Social Media distractions like Facebook and Mobile distractions like Whatsapp for these two years, but you could Join useful Facebook groups and Google+ communities to keep a tab on what other students are upto – how are they preparing differently.