10 ways to stop obsessing over MBA exams

10 ways to stop obsessing over MBA exams
If you have gone through exams recently or gearing up for this year exams, almost everyone has obsessed over MBA exams at one point or the other. But have you ever gone creepy-stalker like obsessed? If you have, or are obsessing over MBA exams CAT CET right now, here’s what you can do to salvage the situation.

First of all, stop stalking CAT
Put your spy-like tendencies to rest and focus on other things. Wasting so much time focusing on reading every news about CAT is just not worth it.

Remember, CAT is not end of the world
Target to score 99%ile is terribly overbearing at times, just focus on CAT and keep eyes open on other exams as well like XAT NMAT SNAP CET.

Distract yourself
Do something cool… go swimming.. gyming! Or go partying. Whatever floats your boat, really.

Let your friends help
You’re going to need all the help you can get, so let your girls take care of you. Tell them to snap you out of it if they find you daydreaming about him.

There are cute people around
Look around! There are always enough cute guys or girls. Find one that likes you back and don’t let him go.. trust me you need a partner to bank upon.

Think about CAT once in a while
Okay, fine, we know getting over mba exams is easier said than done. So allow yourself five minutes once in a while to think about how awesome it would be to crack CAT.

And then let it go
But once the five minutes are over, get on with your life. Don’t slink back into your obsessive behaviour.

Pamper yourself
Make time for yourself and just let your hair down. Go for a spa treatment, binge on your favourite ice cream, cook your favourite dishes and just treat yourself good.

Do things you love
Find something you like doing and do it. It doesn’t matter if it makes you feel silly as long as it keeps your mind off him.

Make a timetable
Thinking too much about exams will make you study even less. So make a study timetable and stick to it.

Hope this helps to keep u on track and stops you from falling into CAT trap.