How to Study in 100 Days For CAT 2015 Exam?

How to Study in 100 Days For CAT 2015 Exam?

Cat 2015
CAT 2015

100 days left for cat 2015


Don’t ignore your weak area.. How to improve your weak area…

Weak topics come with a warning sign….
Danger stay away.. It will not only take u down but hurt you all the way down..

You can run in 100 races.. But if you have weak knees you cannot win any of the 100 races…. So keep an eye on your weak area…

Most of the students are working on their strong areas only and trying to score more and more marks in mocks on the basis of their strong areas… You can gain temporary success… But if you plan to win the race… Tighten up the loose ends..

How to identify your weak area…
Most of the students confuse between topic they hate with topic they are weak in.. Easy example is Logarithm.. Are you good in logs.. Most of the times answer is no… Have you tried doing 30 questions from that topic…. No…. My thumb rule says 30 questions are enough to get a grip on a topic…. Trying doing 30 questions from logs.. It is one of the most easiest areas of quant.. With only 4 formulas to work on….

If u still weak after 30 questions then it’s a weak area…raise the alarm you need help… So don’t label anything as weak area unless you hav tried it… Cuz it’s easy to mark as weak area but it will take ages to come out of it.. In subconscious mind you will always be scared of that topic.. Which will make is almost impossible to conquer.

Geometry is a large topic. 30 questions won’t be enough.. Within geometry.
Triangles Angles Circles Areas volumes… There are 5 topics.. You need 30 30 questions each get the grip.. If still it’s weak area.. Take external help… ask ur teachers or friends to help you clear it.. Otherwise you might loose that topic for life..

All the best
Rav Singh

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