100 GK current affair questions of 2017 (till June)

Top 100 Current Affairs January to June 2017

Question (1) 1st India-Russia Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation held on?
Ans: 21st June 2017.
Question (2) Who took over as the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 16 February 2017?
Ans: Edappadi K. Palaniswami.
Question (3) 219 new planets (for studying the atmospheres of potentially habitable, Earth-size planets) identified by which telescope?
Ans: NASA’s Kepler space telescope.
Question (4) What was the theme of International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2017?
Ans: ‘Yoga for Health’.
Question (5) In 2017 the Indian Railways entered into an agreement with which entity?
Ans: WIth the FS Italiane Group for improving the safety standards.
Question (6) ‘Michibiki’ No.2 Satellite for high-precision positioning system launched by which country?
Ans: Japan.
Question (7) Hockey India League title for 2017 won by which team?
Ans: Kalinga Lancers.
Question (8) Nobel Prize Series India Exhibition in Gandhinagar was inaugurated by whom?
Ans: PM Narendra Modi.
Question (9) Which day is observed across the world on 10th January 2017?
Ans: World Hindi Day.
Question (10) IIT Kharagpur develops a new technology to make cheaper what?
Ans: Pollution-free biofuel.

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Question (11) When new quick response code based payment solution ‘BharatQR code’ was launched?
Ans: 20 February 2017 by the Union Government.
Question (12) The Women’s Football Professional League was launched by whom?
Ans: AIFF.
Question (13) ‘Saathiya’ app is part of which program, launched by union governement in Feb-2017?
Ans: Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) program.
Question (14) Which country in the world overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude oil producer in December 2016?
Ans: Russia (according to the latest production data released report during in Feb-2017).
Question (15) World’s third largest hypersonic wind tunnel commisioned by whom?
Ans: ISRO.
Question (16) ISRO and NASA collaborate to work on which project?
Ans: Earth-imaging satellite NISAR.
Question (17) Who became the new Prime Minister of Nepal in 2017?
Ans: ‘Sher Bahadur Deuba’ on 7 June 2017.
Question (18) Profile pictures protection using new tools is possible now on which social media site?
Ans: Facebook.
Question (19) Who installed India’s largest Floating Solar PV Plant?
Ans: NTPC.
Question (20) Who is appointed as UNICEF Ambassador?
Ans: Sachin Tendulkar for ICC Women’s World Cup 2017.
Question (21) Who is the Chief Minister of Goa?
Ans: Manohar Parrikar (former Defence Minister of India).
Question (22) 8th edition of Asian Winter Games on 19 February 2017 was inaugurated at where?
Ans: ‘Sapporo’ a Japanese city.
Question (23) To raise about Rs. 6,700 crore, Union Government sold a 2% stake in which private entity?
Ans: ITC.
Question (24) Who has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Adidas?
Ans: Harm Ohlmeyer.
Question (25) What is the ‘Trappist-1’ which was most popular in the news and social media?
Ans: A dwarf star around which these 7 planets have been found till Feb-2017.
Question (26) Which airline became the 12th and the newest domestic airline in the country?
Ans: ‘Zoom Air’.
Question (27) Which is the first Tiger Reserve in India to get official mascot?
Ans: Kanha.
Question (28) In the Indian state of Assam which river festival was hosted in 2017?
Ans: Namami Brahmaputra.
Question (29) When Zero Discrimination Day was observed in 2017?
Ans: 1st March.
Question (30) China’s largest power project in Russia (China Huadian Hong Kong Co. Ltd. and Russia’s power company TGC-2) started operation on?
Ans: 20th June 2017.
Question (31) The first fluorescent frog found at where?
Ans: Argentina.
Question (32) Nobel Peace Prize Winner ‘Malala Yousafzai’ become what?
Ans: United Nations youngest ever ‘Messenger of Peace’.
Question (33) Which state government of India took decision to set up ‘Book Banks’ in all schools in the state?
Ans: Punjab Government.
Question (34) Who has been appointed as Chief Secretary of Maharashtra?
Ans: IAS officer Sumit Mullick.
Question (35) Who has sworn-in as UP Chief Minister in March 2017?
Ans: Yogi Adityanath (Since 19 March 2017).
Question (36) Who has been appointed as Full Time Member of SEBI?
Ans: Madhabi Puri Buch.
Question (37) Who is the NDA’s (National Democratic Alliance) candidate for the post of President of India election in 2017?
Ans: Shri Ram Nath Kovind.
Question (38) World Bank Group approved USD 210 million in India for?
Ans: Strengthening gram panchayats in West Bengal.
Question (39) Who has sworn-in as Uttarakhand Chief Minister in March 2017?
Ans: Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat.
Question (40) India’s new Ambassador to World Trade Organisation?
Ans: J S Deepak.
Question (41) The National Conference on Jal Kranti Abhiyan organised at where?
Ans: Delhi.
Question (42) $318 million line of credit to Sri Lanka will be provided by?
Ans: India.
Question (43) When Veteran journalist Arvind Padmanabhan was passed away?
Ans: 8th March 2017.
Question (44) Which station of Indian Railway’s has been handed over to a private firm to be operate?
Ans: Habibganj Station in Bhopal.
Question (45) Crime and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project proposed by whom?
Ans: Union Home Ministry’s.
Question (46) ‘National Mission on Cultural Mapping of India’ launched by?
Ans: Ministry of Culture from Govardhan Block, Mathura.
Question (47) Name of India’s advanced interceptor missile that was successfully test fired on 11 February 2017?
Ans: ‘Ashwin’.
Question (48) India Steel 2017 was inaugurates by whom in Mumbai?
Ans: Steel Minister – Chaudhary Birender Singh.
Question (49) Dailong village declared as Biodiversity Heritage Site at where?
Ans: In Manipur
Question (50) Satellite ‘Sat-1 Mongol’ launched by which country?
Ans: Mongolia (launched satellite on 19th April 2017).
Question (51) Lok Sabha passed 123rd Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017 on?
Ans: April 10, 2017.
Question (52) When the ISRO’s MARS Orbiter Mission completed 1,000 Earth Days in the MARS Orbit?
Ans: June 19th, 2017.
Question (53) Who has been appointed as UPSC new chairman?
Ans: David R Syiemlieh.
Question (54) Which cricket team won 2017 ICC Champions Trophy on 18th June 2017?
Ans: Pakistan.
Question (55) Who has been now appointed as Britain’s EU ambassador?
Ans: Sir Tim Barrow.
Question (56) United States of America announced for sell which aircraft to India?
Ans: C-17 Globe-master Aircraft.
Question (57) On 5th June, 2017 the GSAT-19 satellite was launched by?
Ans: GSLV Mk III-D1. GSAT-19 is a communication satellite of India.
Question (58) Who is the first female President of Nepal visited to India on 17th-21st April, 2017?
Ans: Bidya Devi Bhandari.
Question (59) Who is the first Indian woman became Member of ITLOS (International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea)?
Ans: Neeru Chadha.
Question (60) When the Sabarmati Ashram was built?
Ans: 17 June 1917. Sabarmati Ashram celebrate there 100 years of completion.
Question (61) ‘T-Wallet’ is the official digital wallet of which Indian state?
Ans: Telangana, launched it on June 1st, 2017.
Question (62) Who has been appointed as CBI Director?
Ans: Alok Kumar Verma.
Question (63) 1st X-ray Space Telescope to study black holes launched by which country?
Ans: China.
Question (64) India’s first Student Startup and Innovation Policy launched by which state government?
Ans: Gujarat Government.
Question (65) Anti-Leprosy Day was observed on which date?
Ans: 30th January 2017
Question (66) Indian Army conducts test of which indigenous heavy artillery gun?
Ans: Dhanush.
Question (67) SC wants what in EVMs for fair elections now?
Question (68) When the ‘Goods and Services Tax’ launched in India?
Ans: Midnight of (30st June – 1 July) by President of India and Prime Minister of India.
Question (69) Which country got $520 Million granted to boost there economy from World Bank in 2017?
Ans: Afghanistan.
Question (70) Who won the Gold Medal in 60 Kg Weight category at Ulaanbaatar Cup in Mongolia?
Ans: Indian Boxer ‘Ankush Dahiya’.
Question (71) India’s travel and tourism sector ranks is on 7th was reported by?
Ans: World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).
Question (72) When the former Puducherry CM Subrahmanyan Ramaswamy passed away?
Ans: 15th May 2017.
Question (73) Recently the Gulf countries; Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain countries cut ties to?
Ans: Qatar.
Question (74) Which country took chair of UN group of 134 developing countries?
Ans: Ecuador.
Question (75) ISRO on 15 February 2017 successfully launched 104 satellites in a single mission was done through?
Ans: PSLV-C37.
Question (76) Who was elected as the new Chief Minister of Nagaland?
Ans: ‘Shurhozelie Liezietsu’ On 20 February 2017.
Question (77) The Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 was passed by?
Ans: Lok Sabha on April 10, 2017.
Question (78) ‘Girish Wagh’ as Commercial Vehicle Business Head appointed by which company?
Ans: Tata Motors.
Question (79) Which state government set up an anti-land mafia task force?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh.
Question (80) Which Indian state government switched January-December financial year cycle?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh.
Question (81) When Ved Prakash Sharma (associated with field of Hindi novels), passed away?
Ans: 17 February 2017 in Meerut.
Question (82) Who became the command the ‘International Space Station’ twice?
Ans: American astronaut Peggy Whitson.
Question (83) Which country got ranked of 78th in Global Passport Index?
Ans: India.
Question (84) Name who takes over as Chief of Army Staff?
Ans: General Bipin Rawat.
Question (85) World Day against Child Labor 2017 was observed on?
Ans: 12th June 2017.
Question (86) Who reported the ‘Demystifying the Indian Online Traveler’?
Ans: Reported by ‘Google India’ along with ‘Boston Consulting Group’.
Question (87) Which country dropped ‘GBU-43/B BOMB’ – the largest Non-Nuclear Weapon in Afghanistan?
Ans: United States dropped this bomb in ISIS populated area in Afghanistan.
Question (88) Who is the new Prime Minister of France?
Ans: ‘Edouard Philippe’ since 15 May 2017.
Question (89) Automatic Coastal Warning for Disasters to come up at where?
Ans: Odisha State.
Question (90) Who won the 18th Grand Slam title?
Ans: Roger Federer.
Question (91) When the International Conference on ‘Dara Shikoh’ held in India?
Ans: New Delhi on April 27-28.
Question (92) ‘Digital Gold’ scheme is launched by whom?
Ans: Indian payment and commerce company ‘Paytm’.
Question (93) 1st all weather tracked-chassis QR-SAM successfully test-fired by which country?
Ans: India.
Question (94) India’s Longest road tunnel in J&K (Chenani- Nashri) total length is?
Ans: 9.2 km (inaugurated by PM Modi).
Question (95) PM Narendra Modi inaugurates India’s longest bridge at where?
Ans: Dhola-Sadiya bridge in Assam.
Question (96) In May 2017 Patanjali Research Institute in Haridwar inaugerted by whom?
Ans: PM Shri Narendra Modi.
Question (97) World’s first Robocop recruited by which country police?
Ans: Dubai Police.
Question (98) What was the theme of ‘Swachhta Pakhwada’ celebrated by Ministry of Textiles?
Ans: ‘Waste to Wealth’.
Question (99) Intercontinental ballistic missile defense system successfully tested by?
Ans: Pentagon.
Question (100) In which report the India to become most populated country in the world by 2024?
Ans: UN Report.