GRE Preparation Strategies

I wish a very warm welcome to you.

Hope you all must have started with for GRE preparation, must have collected some sort of information regarding and if not then also don’t worry. This is the right place to start on with the GRE preparation by just achieving the following step goals in your preparation

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: First, You should familiarize yourself with the GRE structure, principles and syllabus if you have not done so already. You can also visit and understand around.
Step 2: Find out what GRE score you actually need to enter into your desired business school. For your kind information-You need minimum score of 700 for Top 10 schools, 680 for Top 20, and 650 for Top 50 schools to pass. To understand the entire application process, please use MBA Timeline Tool.

Step 3: Regularly take a practice test to find out how far you are from your target. The main reason to use it is that you can see your initial point and then compare it against the desired point. You can take any other computer adaptive test also from Princeton, Kaplan, Manhattan, Cetking or others and then use GRE Score Estimator/Calculator to find your real GRE equivalent.

Step 4: Identify your weak topic by reviewing your practice test score distribution in different sections. See how you rank in each. Understand which question types are the most challenging and difficult for you. Don’t only look only at the weak topics but also groom yourself entirely in all the topics. You can also take a diagnostic test – GRE Club offers a Quant Diagnostic test and GRE offers a verbal diagnostic.

Step 5: Design your study plan – finally!
You need to gather all the above understood information. Decide your way to preparation like whether you want online course or want to study through books or any personal course guidance. You will also need GRE tests to practice those strategies and also evaluate your prep level.

Step 6: Avoid repetitive GRE preparation mistakes and pitfalls. GRE consists of several layers and it is important to master each one before moving on to the next. If you don’t know the underlying principles that GRE such as grammar, arithmetic etc., there is no use in solving hundreds of questions or taking multiple GRE tests. This means that if English should be your native language before building up difficult questions strategies. To understand the preparation pattern illustrate the following principle:

In the General Knowledge, cover basics for a chapters first.
In the Question Strategies stage start practicing questions for the area you just covered or for an entire section. Remember attempt questions for sections you have not covered yet only after you are refreshed to get understanding more of it.
In the Test Strategies start taking full length tests and practice on putting questions and knowledge together

Step 7: Commit to excellence first to yourself. Do the best job possible. Think about what you can do to improve your score – is it creating your own notes? Is it not moving to the next chapter until you are able to get 90% of the questions right? Is it reading a lot of fiction to get comfortable reading? Is it shifting your schedule to wake up at 5 AM and study till 8 before work? Is it investing in the right books, courses, and tests? You get the idea…