Last Minute Preparation Booster for SBI-JSA (Clerk) Prelims 2016

Last Minute Preparation Booster for SBI-JSA (Clerk) Prelims 2016

Sbi clerk 2016

Sbi clerk 2016

Dear Aspirants,

We are just a few days away from the first slot scheduled for SBI-JSA(Clerk) Prelims Exam 2016. Most candidates are done with their preparation and ready to appear for the bank examination. We hope you are also brush up yourself, which was created to improve your score in the SBI Clerk Prelims 2016. In case you missed out on that, you can still secure higher marks by just spending few hours following these Last Minute Preparation Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016.

The Examination will be conducted on May 21, 28, 29 & June 4, 5 and these are the final preparation tips we would like to share with you.


Last Minute Preparation Tips for SBI Clerk Prelims

For SBI Clerk Prelims 2016, there will be 100 questions of 1 mark each, making the total marks to be 100. There will be 3 sections – English Language-30 Question, Numerical Ability-35 Question and Reasoning Ability-35 Question.

Since this your last step towards improving your chances of cracking SBI Clerk 2016, pick up 3 Mock Tests and solve them

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How You secure Maximum Marks out of 100 with Sectional cut-off 

Task 1: Attempt some online Mocks Test.

Appearing for a mock test will give you a look and feel with the biological clock that will boost you to perform better and give you an idea of all the weak areas to improve.

Task 2: Section-Wise Analysis with Revision of Topics

All the candidates who are having SBI Clerk Examination in the next few weeks can refer these articles focused on Section-Wise Preparation and Revision of SBI Clerk Prelims Topics.

English Language preparation ?

Expected Number of Questions for SBI Clerk Prelims

Following the previous exam pattern of SBI Clerk Examination, we can deduce the following inferences which point out to these figures.

 Name of the Topic  Questions (Expected)  Level of Difficulty 
 Reading Comprehension 10 Questions  Moderate
 Fill in the Blanks 5 Questions  Moderate
 Sentence Correction/ Spot the Error 5 Questions  Moderate
 Parajumbles 5 Questions  Easy
 Cloze Test 5 Questions  Easy

The level of difficulty may vary by a little margin, as this is the first time anyone would attempt SBI Clerk Prelims Examination. To score better in English Section of SBI Clerk Prelims, here are some useful preparation tips from each topic.

Preparation of Reading Comprehension Questions

In SBI Clerk Prelims, Reading Comprehension covers over 33% weightage of the English Section. The level of difficulty will vary from Easy to Moderate but then again, it is advisable to attempt at lest  5 questions out of 10 in order to score better.

For a better score in English Section, here are a few preparation tips on how to solve RC Questions.

  • Reading Newspaper. Perhaps the most obvious preparation tip would be develop the healthy habit of reading English Newspaper on a daily basis. We recommend The Hindi and The Statesman.
  • Try building your own Personal Lexicon. Having a good vocabulary will definitely help your solving RC questions faster in SBI Clerk Examination. Reading from various sources will definitely introduce you to a number of ‘new words’ on a daily basis. We recommend you to maintain a personal diary for recording all these words and revise them properly. There are a number of confusing words embedded in comprehensions and knowing them will definitely help in solving a few questions.
  • Skimming and Scanning.You need to adapt yourself with the technique of skimming and scanning through the passages as it will help you cover more ground in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Read the First and Last Paragraph.Consider this one as a ‘Prep Hack’ as questions like Theme/ Objective of the Passage could be answered with this simple study tip.

Preparation of Fill in the Blank Questions

Questions based on Fill in the Blank are basically a measure of your understanding of English Grammar. If you are proficient in optimal usage of Grammar, you can score well in this topic. Follow these tips and tricks for scoring better in Fill in the Blank Section.

  • Revisit Grammar Basics.Get in touch with the primary school prep books for English Grammar and try to understand the connection. There is always a little room left for improvement.
  • Start Writing.A simple note, a personal diary entry or a blog, anything would do. This will basically help you understand how a sentence is connected and what frame is grammatically correct.
  • Identify Common Errors.As you proceed further, you will find that there are a few mistakes which can be repetitive. Begin writing them down in a notebook so you may not fall for those.
  • Analyse Regularly. You need to keep track of your performance if you wish to see actual improvement in your preparation level.


Preparation of Sentence Correction Questions

Sentence Correction will basically involve good grammatical skills coupled with a sound vocabulary. You need to have both in order to solve questions with good accuracy. Follow these tips and tricks for scoring better in Sentence Correction Section.

  • Read the Entire Sentence carefully. You need to identify all the elements of the sentence first – the subject, the noun, the articles etc. Only after that, you proceed towards finding a diagnosis.
  • Connect the Dots.After reading, you can go ahead and break the sentence into small parts to further know which part has incorrect grammar usage.
  • Don’t Rush.This theory applies to both Grammar as well as Sentence Correction Questions. The options are always close-fitting so make sure you have the correct one.

Preparation of Parajumble Questions

Perhaps the most confusing part of the English Section would be Parajumbles. Solving these require skill as well as presence of mind. Here are a few tips and tricks on solving parajumbles in an efficient manner.

  • Sequence Deduction. Solving parajumbles is all about finding the right pattern in which each part of the sentence can be arranged. Hence, using grammatical sense as well as sentence constructing techniques, you need to solve such questions.
  • Identify the Primary Link. In parajumbles, knowing where the sentence starts can be of great help. It can serve as the crucial link which starts the process.
  • Connectors Help.Pay attention for words which connect a sentence like ‘Instead’ or ‘Because’. They help in joining sentences of ’cause-effect’ kind.
  • Be Logical Throughout. Even after you’ve re-arranged all the sentences, it is advisable to read the entire constructed paragraph/ passage/ sentence. A single word or phrase can change the entire meaning of the sentence.

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Preparation Cloze Test Questions

This is one section every candidate needs to attempt as soon as the exam begins. Basic understanding of English Grammar and Logic can help a candidate secure 100% in Cloze Test. Just follow these tips and tricks to solve Cloze Test Questions in SBI Clerk Prelims.

  • Read the Passage Carefully. Cloze Test Passage maintains a particular consistency overall. A single read will help in getting an idea about what the passage wishes to convey.
  • Detect the Theme.If you know the objective of the passage, a lot can be revealed in terms of sentence construction.
  • Zero-in on the Word Type.The word under observation could be a noun/ adjective/ pronoun etc. Knowing the word type could help find the word optimally among the options.
  • Final Read is a Must.Similar to Sentence Correction Questions, you should always read the complete solution in the end to understand how grammatically consistent it is.

Please keep in mind that these preparation tips will only prove beneficial if you stay consistent with your practice. Make sure you keep revising on a regular basis, follow proper study timetable and analyse your performance regularly.

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Numerical Ability Preparation

Revise the topics that you going to attempt in the Real Examination. Try to cover maximum topics and try to solve Important Questions from those topics keeping time frame in mind.

The syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk 2016 is as follows:

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus: Number system, Simplifications, Roots & Averages, Surds & Indices, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Ratio& Proportion, Partnership, Chain rule, Time & work, Pipes & Cisterns, Time & Distances, Problems on trains, Boats & streams, Allegation & mixtures, Simple Interest & Compound interest, Stocks & Shares, Clocks & Algorithms, Volume& surface area, Permutations& Combinations and Height & Distances

Data Integration Syllabus: Line graphs, Bar graphs, Pie charts and Tabulation

Make sure you keep revising on a regular basis, follow proper study timetable and analyze your performance regularly.

Quantitative Aptitude is the only section which can be attempted with 100% accuracy if the candidate is well prepared but the syllabus is too huge. It is never mandatory to prepare and attempt all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. It is always better to prepare 60% topics that appear frequently with 100% accuracy.

As per the previous year analysis, we have compiled a list of Quantitative Aptitude topics that appear frequently in Previous Year SBI Clerk Examination. The list of Topics is as follows:

  1. Simplification-5Question
  2. Time and Work-2Question
  3. Time and Distance-2Question
  4. Average & Alligation-5Question
  5. Profit Loss-4Question
  6. SI and CI-3Question
  7. Series-5Question
  8. Data Interpretation-10 Question

Here are a few points to remember while you prepare for Numerical Ability Section.

  1. Learn and Practice Topics that can be calculated directly based on Formulae. Try to learn direct formulae that can give you direct results like in case of Partnerships, SI & CI etc.
  2. Use shortcut Tricks like Vedic mathematics tricks and other short cut tricks like Multiplication and Division or finding cube within seconds etc.
  3. Don’t try to solve any Questions that are not among your strengths or you just gone through for the first time.
  4. Try to solve Caselets as it gives you an opportunity to get 5 Marks in just a single effort.
  5. Try to minimize the time dedicated to each section so that we can use that time in Quantitative aptitude section. It involves calculation but the results can be achieved with 100% accuracy.

Preparation tips for Reasoning Ability

Following the previous exam pattern of SBI Clerk Examination, we can deduce the following inferences which point out to these figures.

 Name of the Topic  Questions (Expected)  Level of Difficulty 
 Arrangement & Pattern 5 Average
 Coding & Decoding  5 Easy to Average
 Puzzles  5  Average to Hard
 Syllogisms  5  Easy to Average
 Seating Arrangement  5  Average
 Inequality & Alphabet problems  10  Easy to Average

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For Syllogism Questions

Questions based on syllogism are totally based upon Logic. Period. To ensure a better score in this section, you can use the following techniques.

  • Venn Diagrams are the best and the quickest way to solve such type of questions easily. However, sometimes a questions can have a lot of Venn diagrams.
  • In this case, one should draw the easiest figure in order to solve the question in the minimum amount of time.
  • Practice as much as you can to understand the various types of Syllogism Questions.

For  Seating Arrangement Questions:- Questions on Seating Arrangement involve Arrangement of Persons in a circular table, rectangular table or a line with some given conditions.

In order to such type of questions, the best strategy is to develop a rough pictorial diagram. Once the diagram is complete, questions that follow can be answered easily. Usually, the difficulty level of questions is slightly above average. Hence, practice a lot before you attempt SBI Clerk Prelims.


For Direction Sense Questions:- Questions on direction sense consist of a sort of direction puzzle, leading through twists and turns, to a destination.

A successive follow-up of directions is formulated and one is required to determine the final direction and/or the distance between two points. This test is meant to judge one’s ability to trace and follow the path and sense the direction correctly.  Such questions can easily be solved by plotting and drawing a rough sketch of the points and paths according to the directions mentioned in the question.

For Puzzles Questions:- Questions on Puzzle are intentionally designed to stimulate the brain into devising solution, one would be given a series of interlinked information or data and would be expected to have the ability to analyze the data in order to reach certain conclusions.

The trick is to make a relevant tabular structure for using the clues seamlessly, perceive what indirect clues are being stated in order to use them correctly and convert  clues written in language form into visual clues so that you do not need to read the text again and again.

For Coding Decoding Questions:-Questions on coding decoding are very easy to solve. Coding is a process of conversion of original word or sentence or collection of character into some other form by following certain logic or rule. The resultant is known as Code.

In order to solve such questions you just have to find the logic or rule that is being followed by comparing the given words/ sentences/ characters. There are a number of variations in Coding Decoding Questions. So, it is next to impossible to solve questions based on them without proper practice.

For Blood Relation Questions:- Questions on blood relationships are very common in bank exams. In such type of questions, a roundabout description is given in the form of certain small relationships and direct relationship between the persons concerned is to be deciphered.   Questions based on blood relation may appear confusing but it is easier to answer if one breaks the questions into parts and analyze it with the help of a diagram.

Conclusion: Please keep in mind that these preparation tips will only prove beneficial if you stay consistent with your practice.

Task 3: Time Management

Appear for the Final Mock test and attempt it as the Real Examination with Proper Exam Strategy with time optimization, specific topics to attempt, section-wise order of solving problems etc.

After completing all the three tasks, analyze your performance and you will get the final verdict about your scores in actual SBI Clerk Prelims 2016. The outcome of this exam analysis will be

  1. List of topics section-wise which are your strengths and can help you achieve a higher score.
  2. Section-Wise Plan to attempt i.e. which section to attempt first.
  3. Time Allotment to each section.

As we have stated time and again, “Smart Work trumps Hard Work”. Hence, you need to be a smart worker in order to crack SBI Clerk 2016.

Remember, you need to satisfy both sectional and overall cut-off in order to qualify for SBI Clerk Mains. So, try to implement this plan two days before the Examination day and you will definitely see the difference in your performance.

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Best Of Luck!


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