3 main perks for doing MBA

3 main perks for doing MBA

3 main perks for doing MBA

Master of Business Administration is one of the most widely pursued post graduation course worldwide. Also, it is one of the most expensive courses. Given these facts, there is always an ongoing debate whether doing MBA is worth or not.

Beyond the obvious that a degree of MBA guarantees higher salary and better career opportunities, given below are some of the intangible advantages that MBA provides which will close the argument in our favour:

1# Expands your Business Network:
In a B school you meet people from all walks of life having varied work experience and specialisation. Working and learning with them expands your thinking horizon and in turn you end up making friends in different industries which consolidates your business network further. Two years of management studies are full of concurrent projects and business competitions across countries and industries where you get exposed to new challenges. You get opportunities to meet experts and top level management of many companies. Your access to the business fraternity world increases and if have the right combination of pragmatism and skill sets, you never know when you end up getting job offers in your dream companies.

2# Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone: The experience in a B school is unlike the graduate schools where you get written assignments and notes. Though you would have fair share of these in a B school, academics extend well beyond the walls of campus premises. Real life case studies and business plan models will take the front seat. The professors will constantly challenge your conventional wisdom andtheories that you learn from books. Practical and
innovative solutions are what is looked for and your ability will not only be judged on your individual knowledge but group activities too. To score well you would not only need to be good at your areas of strength but everything. Most importantly, you will learn to be a good listener and how to confidently string a few words together before an audience.

3# A holistic perspective: MBA equips you with a holistic perspective over the dynamics of market, businesses and the corporate world at large. You learn to not to restrict yourself to the balance sheets of your company but think about the wider equilibrium of the global economy too. During your stay in a B school, you get wonderful opportunities to listen to leading executives.They discuss their life stories, success, failures and vision for the future. Listening and interacting with greats is the best form of learning if one aims to achieve great success in career endeavours.

These were the three broad, intangible perks that MBA has to offer to students. Apart from that, you might also make lifelong friends over your B school who share the same drive to succeed and work together as team to bring to life your own entrepreneurial idea. Most importantly, MBA teaches you to become an unbiased, prudent decision maker and an effective manager.

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