5 myths you need to kick to crack CAT

5 myths you need to kick to crack CAT

5 myths you need to get out of your system to crack CAT 2016myths2

There are many myths we come across daily and when it comes to CAT, one of the reputed high level aptitude test, there is no end to it. Let’s take a look at few common myths and kick them out with facts.

1. Myth: Only for engineers can crack CAT
Fact: CAT is NOT designed for engineers only. This is the most common myth among aspirants these days, engineers might have a little edge due to the maths background but, CAT is a general aptitutte test which is designed for candidates belonging to all the fields.

2. Myth: You need very advanced math skills to get a high percentile in CAT.
Fact – The math skills tested on the CAT are quite basic.
The CAT only requires basic quantitative analytic skills. You should review the basic 10th and 12th level math skills (algebra, geometry,basic arithmetic etc) , but the required skill level is low. The difficulty of CAT Quantitative questions stems from the logic and analysis used to solve the problems and not the underlying math skills.

3. Myth: Initial questions are most difficult/easy and the level decreases/increases in further questions.
Fact: There is no set pattern for where the difficult/easy questions might be. It is on the candiadate to scan the questions and decide which questions are of lower difficulty level and which are of high difficulty level and decide accordingly how much time they should send on which type, depending on their strategy.

4. Myth: It is more important to attempt maximum questions possible.
Fact: It is important to attempt maximum questions correctly. Accuracy is a BIG factor in CAT. If you are stumped by a question, avoid guessing as negative marking is involved. If your guess is incorrect you loose marks and your prcentile decreases.

5. Myth:  Females do not go for CAT
Fact: Females are almost as much as a part of it as men. Infact some of the most brilliant students at IIM Bangalore are women. 2/3 Aditya Birla Scholars from IIM Bangalore again are women and 100/377 students at IIM Bangalore (from the first year) are again women. And just to add,  27.3% of women took CAT last year and this number is only going to rise every year.

5 myths you need to kick to crack CAT 2016

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