7 awesome strategies for NMAT exam

7 awesome strategies for NMAT exam

7 awesome strategies to follow For NMAT 2015

1.Use the tick tick clock.
NMAT stresses both on accuracy and speed, so it is important to use your time wisely. On average, you will have about ¾ minutes for each verbal question and about 1.25 minutes for each quantitative question. Once you start the test, an onscreen clock will continuously count the time you have left. It is a good idea to check the clock periodically to monitor your progress. But don’t go overboard with this, your main focus must be on the test.
Ideal attempt in each section should be
Quant 30 questions in 48 mins
Verbal 25 questions in 22 mins
Logic 35 questions in 40 mins
Total attempt 90 questions good enough to clear the cutoffs.

2. Use what you learnt from your mocks
It is said “learn from your mistakes” , it holds a lot of value in all the spheres of life. You must have taken a lot of mock tests before the Final NMAT exam. Use the strategies you made after your mock result analysis. Avoid making the same mistakes and use your mock experiences to ace the exam at hand. You should be giving atleast 4 mocks before each attempt of nmat.

3. Read all test directions carefully.
The directions explain exactly what is required to answer each question type. If you read hastily, you may miss important instructions and lower your percentile. Also its important to read them carefully so that later you don’t waste your time wondering and Reviewing the directions.

4. Read each question carefully and thoroughly.
Before you answer any question, determine exactly what is being asked, then eliminate the wrong answers and select the best choice. Never skim a question or the possible answers; skimming may cause you to miss important information or nuances. As there is no negative marking use the options and elimination strategy thoroughly in nmat.

5. Do not spend too much time on any one question.
If you do not know the correct answer, or if the question is too time-consuming, These might be the hard questions which looks easy, so candidates tend to waste time on these. move on to the next question. Every NMAT paper has some easy questions which can fetch you brownie points, these shouldn’t be left.
Quant 24/48 easy questions
Verbal 20/32 easy questions
Logic 25/40 sitters
Pick these questions first…

6. Be sure before you move on
Once you have selected your answer to a question, you confirm it. Silly mistakes are very common in exams like these, you will not be penalised with negative marketing for every wrong answer.. but making question wrong even after solving is a sin. So, Confirm / tick your answers ONLY when you are ready to move on.

7. Quickly Plan your paper before you begin to write.
As NMAT 2015 is a strategy exam, you need to be careful before you start solving paper. Analyze what is being asked for, then quickly plan an effective and accurate exam strategy and then start the paper.
Remember the 4 cutoffs in nmat..
Quant 70 marks
Verbal 55 marks
Logic 65 marks
Overall 209

All the best

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