1. First of all, clear your basics. If you are clear with the fundamentals then you will not be facing any problem in understanding and cracking the advanced level questions.

2. In 7 months remaining time, prepare a schedule in such a way that you can revise the whole syllabus at least 3 times with full practice.

3. Keep in mind, REVISION is the most important thing.

4. For Aptitute part you have to complete ‘orange books’ for basics and then start with the ‘green colour books’ for advance level from “CETKING” books. For CAT exam its sufficient.

5.Keep -MAY and JUNE for basics, JULY and AUGUST -for advance , SEPT -OCTOBER and NOV for mocks and revision. Also keep revising your captures every few weeks so that its easy for you to revise during last few months of revision ,hence can focus on your mocks more.

6.If you are facing any difficulty in any question ,keep in mind “One problem; multiple approaches”: Most important trick. Take a simple problem and try solving it in many different ways. It helps you cultivate a quick-thinking ability and gives you contingency strategies in case you get stuck in the real CAT.

7. For technical part….start solving the previous year question papers of CAT exam, minimum last 10 years paper to get good results in CAT exam.

8. Join a test series, it will help you in monitoring your performance.

9. Analise your mock performance ,Focus more on your weak are and improve your speed and accuracy in strong areas . Track your time limit for every question.

As i already mentioned above REVISION is must, because whatever you had studied, it has to be kept in mind for a long time (till CAT exam-2017).

Keep the last 1 month for revision only, no matter how much percentage of your syllabus has been completed.

Last but not the least “STAY MOTIVATED”.


Have faith in yourself and the things you are doing.
All the Best

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