7 must do things for SNAP GK questions

7 must do things for SNAP GK questions

7 must do things for SNAP GK questions http://www.cetking.com/?p=9056
Tips to crack General Awareness questions:

•1 Current Affairs:
Keep yourself updated with the current happening by reading newspapers, watching news on television, reading current affairs books etc.

•2 Do different areas:
Do not concentrate on only 1-2 topics. Preparation in terms of news should be covered from all aspects such as politics, sports, entertainment, awards etc.

•3 Daily practice:
Spend at least 1-2 hours every day in practicing question based on general awareness. Practice will help you develop the skills to tackle such problems in an effective manner.

•4 As many tests as possible:
Try to practice as many free online test for general knowledge you can manage. Neglecting this section can affect your overall performance.

•5 Paper pattern and all
Take feedback from people who have taken competitive exams earlier, read updates on educational blogs and forums, which are quite helpful.

•6 Be regular
As there is no pre-defined syllabus for general awareness section, you need to brush up regularly whatever you have read.

•7 Cetking’s GK40
if you dont have much time left for the exam Join Cetking’s GK40. It contains 40 different must do topics of GK along with visually explained video on how to work on that topic. See sample videos here to know more about the program.

Lets take a SNAP GK questions test to know where you stand in SNAP GK 2016
00 – 05 correct – Poor score
05 – 10 correct – Average score
10 – 15 correct – Good Score
15 plus correct – Excellent

1. In the Presidential elections of india the value of vote of the Member of Parliament is
a. 708
b. 715
c. 820
d. 700

2. Which two months in a year have the same calender?
a. June and October
b. April and November
c. April and July
d. October and December

3. Central Research Institute of arid horticulture is located at….
a. Bikaner
b. Nagaur
c. Udaipur
d. Jaiselmer

4. Chile won copa America cup 2015 by defeating which south American country? .
a. Argentina
b. Brazil
c. Ecuador
d. Venezuela

5. Which Indian city in ancient times was known as ‘Saket’
a. Allahabad
b. Pune
c. Delhi
d. Faizabad

6. Which of the following are battle Tanks?
a. Arjun and T72
b. Maharaja and T72
c. Arjun and A32
d. Maharaja and A32

7. HSBC Indias chairman?
a. nail lal sing adwani
b. nainaganguli
c. nailalalkidwai
d. nainalalkidwai.

8. Who defeated mughals in the Battle of Samana (1709) ?

9. Which of the following sities has bagged the Pacific Asia Travel Association gold award for 2015 under the heritage category?
a. Rameshwaram Temple
b. Sun Temple
c. Hubble Heritage Project
d. Muziris Heritage Project

10. The Council of States in India is generally known as:
a. Parliament
b. RajyaSabha
c. AD hoc Committee
d. LokSabha

11. ISRO Chairman ________ has received the Prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize 2014 from the President Pranab Mukherjee?
a. D R Deshmukh
b. Deepak Gupta
c. A K Mittal
d. A S Kiran Kumar

12. Which of the following state has decided to launch motorbike ambulances from next year?
a. Rajasthan
b. Gujarat
d. Maharashtra

13. After how many years has India won its test-series recently in Sri Lanka?
a. 22 years
b. 24 years
c. 28 years
d. 20 years

14. Which city has a huge cricket bat statue inscribed with the names of the players of the Indian team which won 1971 series against West Indies?
a. Bhopal
b. Indore
c. Bangalore
d. Kolkata

15. Name the latest establishment of the Indian Navy at Karwar in Karnataka?
a. INS Vajrabahu
b. INS Vajrajosh
c. INS Varsha
d. INS Kalinga

16. Indian diaspora includes
a. Nri and Pio
b.Only gujrati
d. People from Nagaland and Manipur

17. Indian Navy has sent which of its missile to take part in Exercise ‘KONKAN 2015’ in order to strengthen ties between the United Kingdom and India?
a . INS Vikrant
b.. INS Kolkata
c . INS Vishakhapatnam
d . INS Trikand

18. ESagu is a web-based personalised agro-advisory system with a view to replace the unscientific agricultural practiced with modern scientific ones. What is ESagu?
a .electronic farming
b.electronic deforestation
c. electronic cultivation
d. None of these

19. Which of the following substances is an element?
a. Chlorine
b. Steel
c. Sugar
d. Plastic

20. Name the new planet which has been found recently by researchers?
a. 51 Eridani
b. Sedna
d. Orcus
21. Which of the following States government has approved the formation of Anti-Terror Squad in the state?
a. Jharkhand
b. Punjab
c. Chhattisgarh
d. Haryana

22. India’s first film to be awarded the best film at Cannss Film Festival?
a. Neecha Nagar
b. DoBeeghaZameen
c. Dastak
d. Guide

23. Who was the Army chief of India when India celebrated its first Republic Day?
a. Thomas Elmhirsrt
b. Baldev Singh
c. KM Cariappa
d. Edward Parry

24. In which year, First Public Service Commission was set up in India?
a. 1922
b. 1924
c. 1926
d. 1928

25. In which year first general election held in India?
a. 1950
b. 1951
c. 1952
d. 1953

ANSWER KEY to SNAP GK questions:


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