A MAT preparation guide

Article by Bharat Wadhwa

800/800 MAT Dec

CETking student

How to Secure 800/800 IN MAT

MAT which is conducted four times a year is a very prestigious exam in the field of management. It is conducted in February, May, September and December however major B-Schools consider the scores of December and February. Based on our preference we can give it in both formats i.e. Paper Based and the Computer Based. I gave the September MAT 2011 exam in the paper based and secured 762 marks or the 99.27%ile and taking the note of the difficulties I faced in the paper based  test, I moved to the computer based format and secured a complete 800/800 marks or 99.95%ile. Getting to the point of how to prepare for the MAT, I would suggest the following methods which helped me.


It is a section which you can make your scoring area by knowing and practicing the basics. As the contribution of Modern Maths is very less in the paper, it can be a boon to those also who find Maths a bit difficult. Beginning with number system and gradually covering the arithmetic part you can secure high marks in it. Solving 28 to 30 questions in 30 minutes can do the thing for you.


It is a section which needs practice and it also needs more time than any other section. So to be good in this section requires perseverance and constant effort. I would suggest you to solve many types of questions like the direction questions, venn diagrams and particularly the missing term questions. I would say 23-28 questions with 90% accuracy would be sufficient enough.


A section which is very predictable and can be made the strongest by a little bit of practice and by learning the fast calculations tricks. As this section is all about numbers, excelling this section would require you to be quick in the basic arithmetic. Solving the different type of caselets before the exam can fetch you 32-35 questions in 35 to 40 minutes.


Level of this section has been kept MODERATE which means there are fair chances of your success. Working with vocabulary and right selection of reading comprehensions can do the thing for you. Solving 30-35 questions in 40 minutes shouldn’t be a daunting task for you if you have prepared well.

Analysis of Mocks is very crucial and also it would tell you that in which format you are most comfortable with. According to me proper analysis of 4 mocks would be sufficient enough. Solving 120-125 questions with 90% accuracy would bring you a very good score and may be even a cent percentile just like it did it for me.

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