Ace CAT 19 verbal section with consistency

CAT 18 is over and those who haven’t scored well at least have an advantage of knowing what the exam actually feels. Also, there is no point crying over the scores as we always have a second chance. so let’s start your journey to ace CAT 19 with the cetking mantra to crack the verbal section.lets first understand what the verbal section looks like in CAT.
1)Reading comprehension (24 questions)
– 4 to 5 passages
2)Grammer section (10 questions)
-para jumble
-para summery
-sentence correction / formation
-one word substitution
This is how a typical CAT 19 verbal section will look like. before getting into the cetking approach to crack this section lets edit your daily routine slightly
First and foremost begin with reading.
* What should you read
read daily editorials from The Hindu newspaper or from the Indian Express. also, read good novels for example novels related to entrepreneur, economics etc, read articles from Bloomberg app.
* Why should you read
Getting a good score in the verbal section, reading is the only one mantra and if you read daily then you know the crux of the whole passage.
* How should you read
If you are at the beginning stage then read at least one editorial daily, after that try to write a summary of that article. read novels whenever you get free time but read as much as you can possible.

Follow this routine consistently and the verbal section will be a cakewalk for you. Don’t read with the intention to crack just the verbal section but to learn a whole language.

P.S.- Good result will require consistent effort. All the best and stay connected with cetking for more strategies to crack the CAT 19 with ease.

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