Statement Assumptions new type of questions
1. Statement: The Indian Railways had tied up with Tata Consultancy Services to pilot a system to conduct its recruitment exams online, as the country’s largest employer looks to introduce transparency into its operations.
Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the given information? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted).
(a) Government jobs are the ambition of every youth in the country
(b) Corruption is a major issue in railways recruitment
(c) Online examination will reduce corruption and bring transparency
(d) Cheating in examinations will be wiped out
(e) All examinations for major recruitments in the country will be conducted online

2. Statement: Rising concerns about pollution in major Indian cities have led to a dramatic increase in sales of home air purifiers. New Delhi, which has been called the most polluted city in the world by the WHO, is not only the biggest buyer of air purifiers but is also the city that is seeing the fastest growth in sales of these devices.
Which of the following has been assumed in the given statement? (a) An air purifier removes contaminants from the air in a room.
(b) Air purifier is beneficial for those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.
(c) People are concerned about their health in the city of Delhi.
(d) Major consumer electronics brands have launched newer models to make air purifiers affordable for the mass market.
(e) None of the above

3. Statement: Dense fog disrupted movement of several passenger trains under East Central Railway (ECR) division. Many trains on Patna-New Delhi-Patna route were delayed due to dense fog.
Which of the following has been assumed in the given statement? (An assumption is something that is not directly stated but is supposed or taken for granted.)
(a) Fogs are the major reason for the cancellation of train in the winter season.
(b) Fogs are the major reason for the delay of trains in winter season.
(c) Only the trains operating under ECR get delayed in the winter season.
(d) Revenue of ECR decreased in the months of winter.
(e) Trains under ECR are prone to delay due to dense fog.

4. Whether you are planning school education (nursery to standard XII) of your child, pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree, this bank can help finance your ambitions and goals—An advertisement by a bank.
Which of the following is the assumption?
(A) In lack of resources, people go to banks for loans.
(B) Educational loans are one of most popular financial dealings done by banks.
(C) With the growing banking network in India and government’s programme of ‘financial inclusion’ has ensured that even the poor educate their words and pursue higher education.
(D) The presence of a large number of banks in India has created a cut-throat competition among various commercial banks and they are offering loans in niche areas with tempting incentives.
(E) Like ‘teasing rates’ in home loan sectors, these days banks offer education loans without making clear catches and later on impose exorbitant interest rates on the borrowers.

5. Retailing in India is in the process of getting more organised and professional. Large retail formats, Hypermarkets, warehouse club and discount superstores are set to take over the retail scene. Medium-scale retail formats such as departmental stores and supermarket chains have already made an appearance and are slowly changing the face of retailing in the country.
Which of the following statements is an assumption implicit in the above proposition ?
(A) With the appearance of large retails, local shopkeepers have been taken for granted and rendered jobless
(B) The large-scale and medium scale retailing is a new phenomenon in India
(C) The revolutionisation of retail sector in India has opened up huge phenomenon in India
(D) The consumer in India have been the main beneficiary of retail boom in India
(E) None of these

6. Education is the most important investment one makes in life. Higher studies and specialization in certain fields call for additional financial support from time-to-time. Which of the following statements is an assumption implicit in the above given proposition?
(A) Higher education need not much finances as it is subsidized by the government
(B) Education is one of the most essential parts of one’s life
(C) Education is mostly neglected in our society
(D) Specialization in education is most sought after thing today
(E) None of these

1. C
2. C
3. E
4. A
5. B
6. B

Old type questions: Statement Assumption in CET
What are Assumption(s) in a Situation (Statement)?
All theories and statements are based on certain assumptions. We say something, comment on certain things on the basis of certain assumptions. Sometimes assumptions are obvious, sometimes they are not. If I make a statement “if you are taking guidance CETking coaching, your chance of getting through CET exam is high”, what assumption you can make from this statement? CETKing coaching institute is providing reasonable guidance to its students. This is a valid assumption.

How to Make Assumptions?
1. Pay attention to the key words, phrases etc.
2. Try to differentiate between implication and assumption. Implication means you are deriving some conclusion from the statement and assumption is something on which statement is based, which is assumed, supposed and taken for granted.
3. Don’t assume information unless you see it in the statement.

Situation 1
Statement “Join our ‘Feel Good’ health center and see the effects on your beauty in just 10 days”. -An
advertisement of a health center.
I. Youngsters want to look beautiful.
II. People like to be considered beautiful.

The statement does not mention youngsters. This is an advertisement for people of all ages. So, assumption I is not implicit. The purpose of the advertisement is to lure people, hence the assumption behind the statement is that people like to be considered beautiful. So, assumption II is implicit. If any direction or instruction or order is given by a person on higher post to his/her subordinates or sub-workers or to the people working under, then it is generally assumed that the people or the subordinates will obey that instruction or direction or order. Hence, any assumption against this will not be implicit.

Situation 2
Statement “Complete this project on water management by tomorrow”. Senior officer to his subordinate.
I. The subordinate will comply with the orders of his senior.
II. The subordinate will not complete the project by tomorrow.
Assumption I is implicit. If the senior officer had not assumed that his subordinate would comply, he would not have asked him to do the job. Assumption II is just the opposite and hence not implicit.

Situation 3
Statement- Government has announced a special policy on eradication of pneumonia from India.
I. The policy will lower down the cases of pneumonia.
II. The policy will not be implemented recently.

Assumption I is implicit. The assumption behind the policy is that it will lower and further eradicate pneumonia from India. Assumption II is not implicit as it is against the statement. If the policy is not implemented recently, it will be of little benefit to the people.

Statement The CEO instructed his secretary to complete the data by tomorrow.
I. The secretary cannot do the work.
II. The secretary will give the complete work.

Assumption I is not implicit as the CEO has instructed his secretary to complete the work assuming that he will finish it. He can finish the work only if he knows how to do it. Hence, only assumption II is implicit.

Situation 5
Statement We should go for financial inclusion.
I. This is the only way to ensure economic equality.
II. This will help in strengthening the conditions of the rural people.
Clearly, assumption I is not implicit due to use of the word ‘only’. There can be other ways also to ensure economic equality. II is a right assumption.

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