Bell The CAT 2015 On The Following Dates

As CAT 2015 is approaching closer by each day, it’s imperative for the readers to be well informed about the important dates. That’s why Cetking is going to talk about the significant days for the examination. The exam is going to be conducted by Indian Institute of Management (Ahemdabad) this year. The registration procedure has[…]

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WeSchool is now autonomous

WeSchool is now autonomous. Welingkar has got autonomy for all its program including MMS and PGDM. After JBIMS now its time for welingkar to become autonomous.. there are many advantages for being autonomous. Right from better design in curriculum to changes in admission process. NMIMS JBIMS are all autonomous and have seen their popularity going[…]

Sundar Pichai Google CEO. Engineer MBA..

Sundar Pichai Google CEO. Engineer MBA.. All you should to know.. Google co-founder Larry Page announced a massive restructuring of the company, instituting Sundar Pichai as CEO and shifting himself and co-founder Sergey Brin to a larger holding company called Alphabet. Before you zest in yet another Indian – after Satya Nadella – heading the[…]

CAT 2015: IIM Lucknow Criteria

CAT 2015: IIM Lucknow criteria CAT 2015 is approaching. IIM Lucknow is a dream for many. This year does not seem to bring many changes to the campus selection. However, if you are one of those who aspire to be an IIMian and that too in the leading campuses, choosing IIM Lucknow is justified. Let’s[…]

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How To Prepare For MBA Entrance Exam In 4 Months?

  Anyone who pursues to study higher opts for an MBA. This is still one of the honored degrees that one can hold. Preparing for the entrance exam of the same in four months is a great task. But, you can be rest assured that once you prepare yourself, nothing less than getting a high[…]

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CAT 2015 Seems To Be A Ray Of Hope For Arts Graduates

The graduate with the humanities background who are gearing up to appear for CAT 2015 finally receive some good news. Well, the trend of CAT has always been thought to favor the engineers.  Many students with bachelor’s in arts gave a positive response to the recently announced changes in the CAT pattern. If you are[…]

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Academic profile importance for IIM ABCL

Academic profile importance for IIM ABCL Good profile no more enough.. Get aside all students with strong workex, guitar players, sport champions, strong extra currics and others.. IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore are looking for ones with thick specs and well oiled hair.. only students with good “academic” profile. There was a time when we used[…]

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