Engineers not allowed

Happy Engineers day Warning this is pro engineers article.. With latest eligibility criteria from IIMA which needs 78% in engineering to be eligible for applying to IIMA.. Isnt it too hard to ask for.. some of the major universities in India hardly give any marks to engineers like mumbai university where 65% will make you[…]

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Sept CMAT cancelled

In an expected move AICTE is planning to cancel Sept CMAT and Feb CMAT and conduct only once CMAT exam in January. This move will be appreciated by students as they dont have appear twice but once only. Feb CMAT used to be in feb end which used to make it difficult for colleges to[…]

CAT 2015 May Prove To Be A Better Opportunity For Non-Engineers

Descriptive questions will enter the history of Common Admission Test (CAT) by this year. Their arrival very much strengthens less dominance of engineering graduates. If that happens, then it will be a pathbreaking development in the CAT annals. Besides, Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) announced a few other changes in the CAT pattern. One of[…]

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How Different Is MBA From Other Degrees?

While sitting in a management class, I get this eerie feeling that many students don’t really understand how the course they have chosen is so different from what they have been studying so far. The difference is when you study law, medical science, or engineering, or for that matter even literature, history or geography, you[…]

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Engineers and the CAT exam; what is the equation?

There is no dearth of sites which talk about CAT and engineers imprudently. Any information coming from IIMs is seen through the prism of doubt “Does it make it easier or tougher for Engineers?” Let us not take a laid-back approach and instead go all out in deciphering the two primary myths centered on MBA[…]

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Logical Reasoning in CAT 2015 syllabus and cutoffs

Logical Reasoning in CAT 2015 syllabus and cutoffs according to new pattern ___________________________ Typical Grouping based question in CAT K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, U and W are the only ten members in a department. There is a proposal to form a team from within the members of the department, subject to[…]

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DI in CAT 2015 new pattern

DI in cat 2015 new pattern workshop video health check     —————————————– DI Logic based Data Interpretation CAT and some of the other exams have evolved from traditional Calculation based DI to into more logic based questions like the graph below. Sample Shortcut Video on DI Logic based Coding Data Interpretation by Cetking Sample[…]

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We Are Hiring Digital Media Intern

DIGITAL Marketing Internship. TITLE: Digital Media Intern LOCATION: Work from Home STATUS: 10 – 20+ Hours / Week EDUCATION: Must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Completed Bachelor’s DUTIES + RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with team members to develop + understand digital marketing strategies that will meet company objectives Develop + write marketing content executions to be deployed[…]