Executive Education – A Perspective

‘Obsolescence’ is the greatest threat technology faces today. This is the same threat that managers across industries and functions come face-to-face with. Performance and functionality are the aspects around which the word is built-be it a Chief Executive Officer or a Sales Executive. It is the performance that counts and delivery that matters. Is it only about pedigree[…]

Top B-school Placements – 2015

In Indian B-schools placements takes places in two stages-Lateral and Final Placement. The lateral placement offers are made to students with work experience and the final placement is for the freshers.IIM Calcutta had a rich haul of companies coming their way in 2015 with over 500 jobs being offered to 438 participants. Various premier companies made 143 lateral[…]

MBA for Real Estate Industry-A Review

Over 35 million people are employed in the Indian real estate industry. Their decisions impact us over the years. Hence it is challenging as well as rewarding job. Consulting and Financing in this area is rewarding as well. A rapidly progressing career is expected of these white collar jobs. More and more people are choosing real estate specific careers.[…]

cat 2013 question paper with solutions

CAT 2013 question paper with solutions is available online on www.cetking.com. Click on 07 days free trial.. register free and Solve the paper. All Actual CAT based papers – Download CAT 2009 paper here >>> Download CAT 2010 paper here >>> Download CAT 2011 paper here >>> Download CAT 2012 paper here >>> Download CAT[…]

CAT 2012 question paper with solutions

1. Click here to download CAT 2012 question paper source 1… click here>> 2. Click here to download CAT 2012 solution paper source 2… click here>> 3. Actual CAT 2012 paper based Workshop.. click here>> All Actual CAT based papers – Download CAT 2009 paper here >>> Download CAT 2010 paper here >>> Download CAT[…]

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CAT 2014 question paper

Feedback from Students “The paper was very easy.” “Quant section was surprisingly easy.”                             “Everyone at my centre has attempted more than 80 questions!”               “Logic section was shocking” “The cutoff will be very high.”                  “DI was not easy at all”  […]

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