60 days 2 months to CAT 2016

  Scoring 99%ile is becoming more of a distant dream for most of the CAT aspirants especially if you are scoring less than 90%ile in your mocks. In this article you will know about what to do and what not to do for CAT! Tips discussed in this article will help you improve your current[…]

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RBI Rate cut and its impact on economy

Repo rate made easy for students to understand. RBI cuts repo rate by 50 points. Lets look at what is repo rate, its impact on students and economy. The Rate Cut news The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lowered the benchmark repo rate by 50 basis points to 6.75 percent, while keeping CRR and SLR[…]

How to Crack GD

Having cleared the aptitude test, a very important testing parameter standing between you and your dream college is Group Discussion. Recount the stories that you hear from your peers every year about students who had aced the written exam with flying colours and are denied admission to the best colleges because of lacklustre performance in[…]

CAT 2016 preparation strategy

CAT 2016 preparation strategy For many MBA Aspirants, CAT is a fearsome enemy which is going to decide their Future. If you lie awake in bed worrying about how will you prepare for this exam, fret no further. Instead, Remind yourself with your college days—the strategies you relied on while taking exams. Those will now[…]

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CAT 2015 applicants 5 year high

68% boys, 3.3% conversion rate, 70% engineers, 68% freshers.. total of 2,18,660 studentd set the stage for CAT 2015. Most difficult competition in last years. Boys vs Girls 1.48 lac boys ie 68% and 0.7 lacs girls and 80 transgenders trying their luck at CAT 2015. With total of 2,18,660 applications. Last year CAT could[…]

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