Fill in the blanks new type questions

Fill in the blank new paper pattern
All Cetking books mocks and shortcuts are updated as per new paper pattern shown below.
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Type 1: Fill in blanks new type questions
Directions: The following statement has two blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Each blank can be filled with more than one option. Find the combination/s which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.

1. One of the recurring issues is the disruptive role of technology and its debilitating__________ on the sustainability of good journalism. Some people tend to view these deliberations as a _______ attempt to reverse the trend. But those who are able to see beyond the usual binaries of new media and old media, and digital and analog, are worried about the growing power of carriers at the cost of content-producing organisations.
(I) conduct (II) influence (III) provoking (IV) risky (V) futile
(a) I-III (b) II-I (c) V-III (d) II-V (e) No combination fits

2. Human traffickers play with the lives of people from South Asia, and North African human traffickers send tens of thousands of migrants every year via the Mediterranean to Europe. Scores of boats sink because they are usually of very low quality or are filled to _________ ; as a result, thousands die every year. According to some reports, more than 2,400 migrants drowned in the first half of 2017. In view of the _________ number of casualties, Amnesty International feared that 2017 could become “the deadliest year for the deadliest migration route in the world”.
(I) maximum (II) brim (III) overcapacity
(IV) unprecedented (V) grim
(a) I-IV (b) IV-II (c) III-IV (d) II-III (e) No combination fits

3. Specifically, in cases where companies have ended up struggling to service debt as a _______________of unpredictable external factors that adversely impacted their operations and financials, barring the promoters of such firms from a chance to restructure and turnaround the business, merely because the loans have turned _________________, is unfair to both the entrepreneur and the enterprise itself.
(I) Consequence (II) Sour (III) Reverberation
(IV) Result (V) Fractious
(a) A-B (b) D-E (c) C-B (d) D-B (e) No combination fits

Given word fits into which of the following sentences:

4. Gigantic
A. Army chief’s comments went against the _____ reached.
B. China problem is almost solved only ____ work is left.
C. Stonehenge is a monument consisting of a circle of ______ stones.
D. The potholes on roads during rains are a ____ problem every year.
E. We require the Indian military to _____ lessons
(a) A-B (b) D-E (c) C-B (d) D-B (e) C-D

Type 2 Fill in the blanks in MBA CET

Four sentences are given with a blank in each. Five words are also given. The blank in each sentence can be filled by one or more of the four words given. Similarly, each word given in the choices can go into any number of sentences. Identify the number of sentences each word can go into and mark as your answer the maximum number of sentences any word can go into.

Q1. A. India and Russia __________ an excellent bilateral relationship.
B. Due to a crash in the overseas market, __________ market in India was also badly affected.
C. According to the law, women are also entitled to a __________ in the ancestral property.
D. Every job has its own __________ of problems.
(a) stock
(b) portion
(c) posses
(d) share
(e) claim

Q2. A. The Government has introduced several __________ recovery schemes to make sick industrial units pay.
B. The Indian cricket team has organized an __________ match for earthquake victims.
C. Being located in a backward area the college receives a/an __________ from the Education Department.
D. The Research Scholars received a/an __________ from the University to develop their project.
(a) benefit
(b) aid
(c) grant
(d) loan
(e) help

Q3. A. The little girl has a __________ face.
B. It is __________ obvious that he was lying.
C. He was sitting __________ on his illegal earnings, while his colleagues were struggling to make both ends meet.
D. He did not have a __________ idea about the matter.
(a) lovely
(b) clear
(c) fair
(d) faint
(e) pretty

Q4. A. He does not __________ any ill feelings against anyone.
B. A __________ was appointed to take care of his ailing mother.
C. The foster mother tried to __________ the infant with great care.
D. A lot of patience is required to __________ an aged person.
(a) nature
(b) maid
(c) bear
(d) nurse
(e) feed