Campus recruitment process and free aptitude tests

Download topic wise class tests for apti here
Campus recruitment process and free apti tests

Why campus recuitment
There are many ways to hire employees.. but best way is through campus recruitment. As its time saving for the company as well. Otherwise dinding a right candidate is a daunting task.

But out of 200 students how will they find out who is better or best suited for their profile. Here comes the role of Aptitude, GDPI and Personal Interview.

Once the company is on campus.. they have come with a mission to take some of the students.. so the main onus lies with the student to be the first one the crack it from their college…

Trust me easiest way to get job is thro campus interviews. Outside market is very bad for getting job for a fresher.

It is the responsibility of the Cetking to provide training on placement to make our students equipped on all aspects of career development along with creating a very good impact in them which makes them feel every minute they spend in the placement training session is worth being there and will help them in getting placed in their dream companies.

its important to understand the process of the campus recruitment training.

Pre-Placement Talk
A presentation is made about the company which includes the information like selection procedure, company’s milestones, organizational achievements, candidate scope of improvement within the organization if selected, salary, employment benefits. Followed by question and answer session, students given chance to ask questions about .

Qualification criteria
Most of the Companies who are coming to campus have specific qualification criteria. Qualification criteria include marks or grade range, specific specialisation. This is sadast part.. when students are rejected without even getting a chance to prove themself. Most of the IT companies come with 60 or 58 or 55% criteria. So students should focus on maintaining good academic record.

Written Test
Qualified students will undergo a test. This is usually a simple aptitude test but depending on company and the position looking for, the difficulty level of the test may be at the higher side.

Group discussion
Some of the companies will have group discussion round as a filtering round. GD round may or may not be conducted depending on time in hand. But student communication skills are tested in this round. A topic is given to a group of 10 12 students and a formal discussion or knowledge sharing of thoughts is expected by the judge. Purpose of this round is to check communication skills, etiquette of person, listening ability, convincing power, group leadership, leader or follower and many more thing are evaluated on the basis of requirement or the particular intention of organisation or company. It is very important to keep yourself updated with latest news and discussion topics for appearing in GD round.

Technical and HR Interview
As a part of final round students will undergo a round called technical or HR interview round. This round evaluates the technical ability of the student. In most of the cases this will be an individual round but it may be grouped with the formal interview. This round evaluates the technical ability of the student. In most of the cases this will be an individual round but it may be grouped with the formal interview.

Final offer
Once selected student is called back for final offer and salary discussion or just to congratulate him for the job.

All the best.

Download topic wise class tests for apti here

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