DI Caselets 50 must solve questions pdf

DI Caselets 50 must solve questions for CAT CET IBPS PO by Cetking
Caselet is data given in statements format which has to be converted into Table and solved like DI. Read data given below. Caselet is commonly seen in CAT CET and IBPS exams.

GhoshBabu has a certain amount of property consisting of cash, gold coins and silver bars. The cost of a gold coin is Rs. 4000 and the cost of a silver bar is Rs. 1000. GhoshBabu distributed his property among his daughters equally. He gave to his eldest daughter gold coins worth 20% of the total property and Rs. 25000 in cash. The second daughter was given silver bars worth 20% of the remaining property and Rs. 50000 cash. He then gave each of the third and fourth daughters equal number of gold coins and silver bars both together accounting each for 20% of the property remaining after the previous distribution and Rs. 25000 more than what the second daughter had received in cash.

Q1. The amount of property in gold and silver possessed by GhoshBabu is
(a) 2,25,000
(b) 2,75,000
(c) Rs. 4,25,000
d.None of these

Q2. Total property of GhoshBabu (in Rs.lakh) is
(a) 5.0
(b) 7.5
(c) 10.0
(b) 60
(d) 12.5.

Q3. If GhoshBabu had equal number of gold and silver bars, the number of silver bars he has is
(a) 90
(b) 60
(c) 75
(d) 55