CAT 2011 question paper with solutions

CAT 2011 question paper with solutions

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cat 2011 question paper with solutions
CAT 2011 analysis: Was it a CAT paper looked easier like CMAT or CET!!!

Nervy Start

As usual I was late for my CAT. Was quite chilled out but most of the students were tensed and looking flushed, so even I started to get tensed. Waiting for hours for the paper took its toll on most of the people. So first advise will be to chill and relax – have a coffee, tea  or red bull before getting into the room. Reading books or last minute study won’t help take the chill pill.

Section 1:

I personally wanted start with QA/DI section and fortunately got that. Quant section was very similar to last year’s CAT paper. Around 6 – 7 questions were directly based on the books and study material you have. Brush up the formulas for Equations and topics like Geometry areas and volumes and others will definitely help.

Some of the questions more logic based not a direct application of the formulas. If you have done the quant thoroughly with proper understanding of the topics then solving these questions will not be a problem.

There were 9 calculations based but straight forward Data Interpretation questions. DI was easier than last year but still little calculation intensive with equal mix of Bar, Table and statement based questions. If you have attended my workshops then solving DI without won’t be a problem for you.

My attempts in Quant/DI section were 25/30



Ideal attempt: 18 – 20 with good accuracy

IIMs: 15+ questions right

Few IIMs and Top 10 colleges: 12+ questions right

Top 25 colleges: 10+ questions right


Quant: Moderate but tricky!

DI: Easy but calculation intensive


Section 2:

Verbal section was of same difficulty as last year. Perfect mix of all topics so solving last five year papers will definitely help to understand the type of questions. No experimentation done this year.

There were very few questions which had confusing or close options.


RC was typical, mix of science, philosophy, politics and culture based 4 sets with total of 12 questions. RC was very similar to CAT 2010 in the level of easiness.

Logic was the total shock was expecting difficult sets like last year but was surprised to see easy sets direct questions. Go through the easy puzzles given in any book and avoid the difficult problems in your mock papers.

My attempts in verbal section were 27/30.



Ideal attempt: 20 – 22 with good accuracy
IIMs: 16+ questions right
Few IIMs and Top 10 colleges: 13+ questions right
Top 25 colleges: 10+ questions right
Verbal: Easy towards moderate!
DI: Easy very easy


Last minute advice

  • Through all difficult mock papers you have out of the window, CAT is much easier than that.
  • Revise all basics – there will be 10 plus questions directly or indirectly ssbased on formulas from the books.
  • Solve actual CAT papers from 2001 – 2008


CETking Workshops:
We are starting CAT, SNAP, NMAT and CET workshops.
CAT 2011 analysis by CAT topper. cat 2011 question paper with solutions

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