CAT 2014 recharge workshop

CAT 2014 recharge workshop

Hi guys
Please find attached cat 2014 recharge workshop handout below:

Download Handout: CAT 2014 Recharge workshop handout by Catking


44 days 10 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds left for CAT 2014

This is the time when most of your mind is pre occupied about impossibility of cracking cat rather than working on possibilities. Trust me half of the battle is in the mind..

It’s impossible to add tea (knowledge) to a cup (mind) which is already full. Let’s use this long weekend to clean up the mind.. Remove all baggage and become lean mean and green for the last few weeks of cat prep.

There are 4 main aspects and baggage of cat prep which needs to be clean:
1. Books n material
2. Quant prep
3. Verbal prep
4. Mocks n strategies

Baggage 1. Books and material
Your cupboard is full of books n material about cat.. Most of them u are not going to use till cat. Get a big bag, pack all the books u hav not used so far and hide them under ur bed. Just keep only one set of books or max two which you are going to refer for next 40 days. Trust me clean table and cupboard will motivate u more to study.

Baggage 2. Quant prep
There are 25 chapters in our cetking quant book.. It would be difficult to go through them all.. So let’s clean them up as well. If you are able to do following topics religiously it will be enough to clear cat cutoff:
DI – data interpretation
Geometry & Mensuration
Functions & graphs
Algebra n equations
PnC probability

Baggage 3. Verbal ability
I was always scared of verbal, most of the engineers get nightmares about verbal. Trust me verbal is smallest syllabus of all and it’s not verbal that’s your problem but accuracy in verbal. So build foolproof strategies to overcome these things.
Following are major areas of verbal to focus for next few weeks:
RC reading comprehension
Logical arrangement puzzles
Para jumbles, completion
Vocab n grammar usage

Baggage 4. Mocks and strategies
“I am taking mocks regularly but my scores not improving”
This is a common problem I hear from students. It’s like saying I will run 100m every day and one day I will win gold in Olympics.
Mocks alone are not enough, they r made to finalise your strategy not just for solving questions. Fine tune your strategy for the mocks and follow it. There are two ways to increase score… One work hard find more shortcuts and other is reduce your stupid mistakes n make a plan for solving mock. So sit down and make a road map of ur strategy for cat mocks.

CAT is not about intelligence and speed it’s all about practice and smart work. It’s about how you manage 170 minutes and 100 questions.

So clear up these 4 bags and you r ready to face one of the most important exam of your lifetime. While doing your bit for the Modi’s cleanliness drive.

Enjoy this mba prep journey..

All the best
Rav singh

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