CAT 2015 applicants 5 year high

CAT 2015 applicants 5 year high

68% boys, 3.3% conversion rate, 70% engineers, 68% freshers.. total of 2,18,660 studentd set the stage for CAT 2015. Most difficult competition in last years.

Boys vs Girls
1.48 lac boys ie 68% and 0.7 lacs girls and 80 transgenders trying their luck at CAT 2015. With total of 2,18,660 applications. Last year CAT could manage only 1.97 lac applications. So this year is a good 11% increase over last year.

Converting rate is set to be around 3.3% ie only 1 out of 29 students will make into top Bschools. Considering around 7500 seats in top 20 – 25 band A colleges. The competition is set to go high in this year CAT

Increase in Female Candidates
Overall registration for CAT has increased, the ratio of female candidates over two years has increased steadily, to 32% in CAT 2015 from 29% in 2013 and 27% in 2012.

Decrease in Freshers
The percentage of candidates with two or more years of work experience, registering for CAT, has risen to aroubd 16%, while the number of freshers (little or no work experience) is seen around 68% of the CAT 2015 applicants ie were candidates with little or no work experience.

Increase in Engineering Candidates
Approx 70 per cent of the candidates are from technology or engineering backgrounds. Candidates from Economics, Management and Science make up the remaining 23%.

Similar to the last year, metro cities have pipped the rest of the country in terms of the number of registration. New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune are the cities responsible for a bulk of the registration. With delhi being highest registrations.

In 2014, however only 1.55 lacs sit for the exam. So let’s see how many of these 2.18 lac students will actually reach the exam centre.

CAT Year Number of Registrations (Lakh)
2008 2.46
2009 2.42
2010 2.06
2011 2.05
2012 2.14
2013 1.90
2014 1.97
2015 2.18

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