CAT 2015 May Prove To Be A Better Opportunity For Non-Engineers

CAT 2015 may prove to be a better opportunity for non-engineers
CAT 2015 may prove to be a better opportunity for non-engineers

Descriptive questions will enter the history of Common Admission Test (CAT) by this year. Their arrival very much strengthens less dominance of engineering graduates. If that happens, then it will be a pathbreaking development in the CAT annals.

Besides, Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad) announced a few other changes in the CAT pattern. One of them is to include the questions not containing multiple choices. Basically, it will ensure more accuracy and less probability of guessing.

The academic head of a national level CAT coaching centre also claimed that many students regularly secure the desirable percentile only by answering the quantitative ability section. However, with this new format it’s going to be far more challenging for those who rely on quant for a good score.

When inquired more, CAT-2015 Convenor Prof. Tathagata Bandyopadhyay commented that there is a dire need of diversification. This pattern shall ensure that IIM would witness the admission of students coming from much more varied walks of life. Over the years, the IIM unknowingly developed a status quo by letting the format more ‘inclined’ towards engineers.

The new pattern will consist three sections. They are quantitative aptitude (QA), data interpretation and logical reasoning, (DILR) and verbal and reading comprehension (VRC). Due to the addition of a certain number of descriptive questions, it might enable the non-engineering graduates to score the targeted percentile.

Over the years, the majority of IIMians had been coming from the engineering background. And, that seemed to have bordered the scope of expansion for other categories. Premium management courses are not supposed to cater a certain domain. Such changes in the exam only point towards the demand of versatility. There are already a number of descriptive questions in IIT-JEE. IIM is simply following the trend.