CAT 2015 new paper pattern

CAT 2015 new paper pattern

10 changes in CAT 2015 new paper pattern
1. Not all multiple choice questions
Major change which happened this year is that not all questions are multiple choice. This means for some questions students have to type in the answer on the window given. Just like essay writing section in GMAT.

2. Time limit 3 hours – 180 minutes
CAT 2015 will be a 3 hours paper instead of 170 minutes cat 2014. This is no major change but when combined with sectional timings your mock strategies will need to change and adapt for the paper.

3. sections
Cat 2015 is back to traditional 3 sections.
Quant 34 questions
Verbal 34 questions
DI LR 32 questions
No major change here.. just rearranging 100 questions into 3 sections instead of two.

4. Sectional timing
each of the 3 sections will have sectional timing of 1 hour. Student cannot move from one section to other within the time frame. Trust me this is a good news for average students as automatically your time is distrubuted among all sections but on the other hand students who used to maximise their scores by scoring high in one section by spending more time on that section will not be able to do that.

5. sections importance shift
3 sections means suddenly each section becomes equally important again. Earlier students could clear verbal eection on the basis of LR and quant section on the basis of DI alone. But now students have to work each of the three section equally.

6. Calculator allowed.
I always used to say why CAT exam dont allow calculators.. before exams we used calculators and after the exams in IIMs you can use calci but during the exam its banned. So good move, but not very effective as most of the questions in quant and di have moved to logic based.

7. Online vs CBT
Cat is no more a online test but a digital computer based test. This means this is not an online but a computer based test. However this is no problem as for layman it means same online paper itself.

8. City selection
Students hav to select 4 city options. From which they will be allocated one centre according their preference and availability on first come first serve basis. So students are requested to book the slot asap.

9. Two slots
Cat will be happening over two slots.. so no much hassle about different levels of papers and Normalization. It was already out in the news.

10. Demo sample paper
Cat 2105 New paper pattern look and feel sample paper will be available on Oct mid on IIM website to get an exact idea about what all has changed. Till then relax and focus on the studies. You still hav to do Maths Verbal Logic and DI.

Happy learning.

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