CAT 2015: Things to ponder over for getting into the desired B-school

CAT 2015: Things to ponder over for getting into the desired B-school

CAT 2015
CAT 2015

More than 4000 candidates will vie with each other for admission into 21 IIMs in their flagship PGP batch 2016-18 on the basis of CAT 2015 scores apart from 10000+ admissions in other highly ranked B schools. In nutshell, around 15 to 20 thousand candidates in top rated B schools will get admission on the basis of CAT 2015 scores.

Common Admission Test (CAT) conducted by Indian Institutes of Management will be a computer based test.IIM Ahmedabad, which will organize Common Admission Test (CAT), will provide a practice test beforehand to familiarise the candidates about the type and pattern of the test.

CAT 2015 is expected to be of 170 minutes duration. The exam is proposed to be divided in two sections without any time constraint since CAT 2014. Candidates would be allowed to switch from one section to other during the overall time limit of 170 minutes. Till CAT 2013 the test had sectional time constraint of 70 minutes each.

Every student writing CAT 2015 will have to ensure that not too much time is wasted only on one section as sectional high score is also very important to get shortlisted by an IIM.

In CAT 2015 the first section of Quantitative Ability and data Interpretation would contain 50 questions and the second section of Verbal Ability and logical Reasoning would also contain 50 questions.

Concoction of strategies

While the strategy on how to prepare for CAT may differ from person to person, meticulous self study has no substitute. Candidates who come from Engineering or other technical background find it easy to get along well with Quant, I and LR but when it comes to Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, they find the section too difficult.

If a candidate gets stuck on some question due to his/her lack of conceptual clarity, the wastage of time is more and depression begins to set in. It could be a small quant formula, LR logic, or Verbal usage clarity which might need a simple push to come out of the shallow waters. This help can be provided by your mentor online or offline depending upon your preference or a mix of both.

An important fact in CAT 2015 preparation journey is the difficulty level which is more wanting. The quest for speed and accuracy has increased- a challenge which is to be met by the examinees. Till CAT 2013 the test taker had 2.32 minutes per question to solve but since CAT 2014 the time is reduced to 1.8 minutes per question to solve.

The four parts divided in 2 sections of CAT 2015 namely Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability and logical reasoning need a systematic study schedule. Looking at the level of difficulty and surprise elements that appeared in CAT 2014 examination, a concerted preparation of the relevant topics especially where you can score more and can move fast with accuracy after due preparation is required to crack CAT 2015.

Whatever remaining time available must be devoted to beginning preparation with the weakest topic and then continue revisiting the strong topics with consistent practice sessions. If followed religiously would fetch the desired result.

Please remember it will not be sufficient to score overall high in CAT 2015; your section wise score should also be high. CAT 2014 takers with 99+ percentile couldn’t get admission in any of the top rated B schools as the percentile in either of the two sections was low.  On the other hand candidates with 96 percentile could get through the top rated IIMs as they had high percentile in both the sections. CAT 2015 would need hardcore in-depth preparation, where nothing can be left to chance.

The best talent of country aspires for IIMs which are highly ranked in imparting management education. There are around 2 lakh candidates who propose to go for CAT 2015 and are preparing to appear in this most coveted test to get their desired IIM. However a lucky few thousands preparing meticulously are able to crack it with high scores and give wings to their career.

Also keep in mind that CAT 2015 will not only be a mandatory entrance exam to 21 IIMs but also for other top rated B schools like FMS Delhi, Delhi School of Economics, SPJIMR, JBIMS, NITIE, SIMSREE, KJ Somaiya,  MDI, IMT, IMI, BIMTECH, TAPMI, Department of Management studies at IITs, Great Lakes, LIBA among hundreds of other ones.

Return on investment at IIMs is probably the best. Top recruiters from India and world eye these institutes for their placement season and feel proud when a few of the students from these B schools join them. Make sure that your hard and intelligent preparation for CAT 2015 leads you to your desired IIM in 2016.

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