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CAT 2017 paper

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CAT 2017 paper pattern

We don’t expect a major change in the exam pattern of CAT 2017 exam, Quant and Verbal sections will be comparatively easier than expected while.

Section No. of MCQs No. of non-MCQs Total no of Qns Total Marks
Section I – Verbal & Reading Comprehension (VARC) 24 10 34 102
Section II – Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) 24 8 32 96
Section III – Quantitative Aptitude (QA) 27 7 34 102
Total 75 25 100 300

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Analysis

Known to be a silent killer, the VARC section of CAT 2017 may live up to its name once again. It is named so because unlike in QA or DILR students who expect very good scores may see their expectations ruined once the scores are revealed.
With many readable and not-so-tough RC passages, the VARC section may appear very crackable, despite the tough VA questions. However, the close choices in the RC questions will make this section tougher than what it seemed to be. The VA questions, on Para Formation/Para Odd-man-out and Para summary will be quite tough to crack especially given that there were no options to guide the students. Lack of negative marking for these questions will definitely be a plus for the students.

Area Topic No. of Qs
Reading Comprehension 5 passages 24
Verbal Ability Para-Formation Questions 4
Para-Formation Odd Man Out 3
Para Summary 3

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Analysis

The comeback of tough DILR sections seen in CAT 2014, 2015, 2016 so will continue in CAT 2017 and the rampage caused by it would have left many IIM aspirants licking their wounds, unless they have prepared well expecting a tough DILR. This will be even more important as the toughness of this section seems to have only increased further. One factor that the students could take solace from is that the difficult sets will clearly unsolvable right from the outset, helping them drop out of those fairly soon.

Area Topic No. of Questions
Data Interpretation Set 1 4
Set 2 4
Set 3 4
Set 4 4
Logical Reasoning Set 1 4
Set 2 4
Set 3 4
Set 4 4

The number of good attempts for this section would be around 14-16.

Quantitative Ability Analysis

Last year the Quant section had 34 Qs with around 6 Qs of non-MCQ type. The number of questions on Geometry is on the higher side and some of them will be considered to be moderate-difficult. Modern Maths will show a very strong presence in CAT 2017. There will be a very good number of questions from Arithmetic, most of which can be quickly solved by a student with moderate – good level of preparation. So in CAT 2017 we are also expecting a fair Mix of Geometry Arithmetic Modern Maths.

Area Topic No. of Questions
Quantitative Ability Geometry & Mensuration 6
Progressions 2
Numbers 6
Arithmetic 13
Algebra 4
P&C 3

The number of good attempts for this section would be around 18-20.

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