CAT 2016 preparation strategy

CAT 2016 preparation strategy

CAT 2016 preparation strategy

For many MBA Aspirants, CAT is a fearsome enemy which is going to decide their Future. If you lie awake in bed worrying about how will you prepare for this exam, fret no further. Instead, Remind yourself with your college days—the strategies you relied on while taking exams. Those will now help you do your best on the CAT. Here are three examples:

Strategy #1: CAT 2016 preparation plan

Just as you reviewed each class syllabus at the beginning of the semester, Follow same  before your beginning of preparation for CAT .How long do you have to study? A week? A month? Consider taking a diagonistic test to have a feel of CAT and to judge how far you are from your goal score. If the gap between your Actual Score and expected Scores is high, you need to increase your allotted preparation time.

You  should also be specific about when you plan to study, as “sometime during the week” is unlikely to lead to success. Block off a good amount of fixed time in your calendar to ensure your preparation is consistent. (Two- or three-hour sessions work especially well for retention). When you reach end of your block, stop. You will need to keep revising the topics regularly without fail. Each CAT study session should build on the previous one. Pace yourself. Take note of your strengths and weakness in each topic. Build on your knowledge over an adequate period of time.

Last, where to study for the CAT? When you stayed in the dormitory, you might find your room the best option to study in silence, but a more likely option was the liabrary.  If you can, find a public or university liabrary near you and check out a study room. It will help you to get saved from distraction towards your Facebook and Whatsapp!

Strategy #2: Keep learning as sole motive

Whether you would like to strengthen your grammar skills and vocabulary for verbal section or practice basic arithmetic and algebra for Problem Solving, you are now ready to begin your preparation. Aim to use your time wisely. Just like in college, there will be distractions including friends, family, athletic events, etc which provoke you to lose focus. Beware and never allow these obstacles to hamper your progress. These things can be enjoyed with high satisfaction after you clear your MBA path.

You can also draw on the methods you learned in your foundational courses. For example, if you need to hone your proficiency in the Quantitative portion of the CAT, apply the skills that you sharpened in your algebra or statistics classes. Work through practice questions and check your answers, even if your responses were correct. Determine which approaches work best for you within the context of the CAT. It is a game of Accuracy and choice of questions. If you are having trouble with Reading Comprehension questions, you might choose to utilize some of the techniques that saw you through your literature course and start reading more to increase your reading speed and build comfort zone in this area.

Always remember that just as your sociology midterm was only one part of college, the CAT is only one step on your road to an MBA. You will not have to prepare for it again. Make it a short-term priority now so that you can achieve your long-term goals later.

Strategy #3: Ask for help

The CAT is a difficult exam. If you are struggling with its questions or your timing, do not be discouraged. Just remember your college days when your classes were difficult in college, you may have spoken to your Accounts professor or formed a study group with your friends. These same strategies—for example, working with CAT tutors—are still effective now. A mentor or a tutor can help you know your personal strengths and address your particular weaknesses, and they often enlighten you with MBA experiences.

By applying these three college strategies, you can simplify your CAT 2016 preparation. These techniques will not only benefit you on the CAT, they will also serve you in your journey in the business school. You ultimately persevered with your under graduate years. Let this one exam show you how preparation, persistence, and commitment can lead you to your future success.

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