Cetking Director’s Cut – G100 & JB120 program CAT CMAT GDPI preparation by Cetking
– Lectures by Director and top faculty
– Lectures at centres and online
– Strategy building and workshops
– Planning and shortcuts

G100 for CAT, CMAT, XAT and other exams
JB120 for CMAT, SNAP, NMAT (Non CAT exams)

Cetking’s G100 plan – 6 months to CAT & CMAT G100

Target areas for this month – MAY

Quant Ratios
Quant Averages
Quant T & Work
Quant Time Speed
Quant Sets
Quant Logs
Verbal Grammar
Verbal Sentence Corr
Verbal RC
DI DI Tables
Logic Puzzles

Overview of G100 program

Target for next month – JUNE

Quant Equations
Quant Quadratic
Quant Functions Graphs
Quant Sequence
Quant Clocks Calendar
Quant Logs
Verbal Para Jumbles
Verbal RC
Verbal Critical Reas.
DI DI Line & Bar
DS Data Suff.
LR Puzzles

Target for month after – JULY

Quant Numbers
Quant P&C
Quant Percentages
Quant Interest
Quant Profit Loss
Quant Probability
Verbal RC
Verbal Para completion
DI Pie & Misc
Logic Puzzles