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Actual CAT 2012 paper based Workshop

Workshop part 1 – Actual CAT 2012 paper based questions part 1 Overview
Workshop part 2 – Actual CAT 2012 paper based questions part 2 Quantitative Ability
Workshop part 3 – Actual CAT 2012 paper based questions part 3 Verbal Ability
Workshop part 4 – Actual CAT 2012 paper based questions part 4 Logical Reasoning
Workshop part 5 – Actual CAT 2012 paper based questions part 5 Data Interpretation

Actual CAT 2012 paper based workshop

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CAT 2012 paper analysis Server glitches in today’s CAT paper

CAT exam today at Mumbai’s Thakur College, Kandivali centre was riddled with problems.

Exam started well at 10:00 AM as scheduled but suddenly Computer screen hangs at 10.15. Students were told it will be normal in some time which kept the students on their toes and frustration started to grow.

Students were not allowed to talk to anyone or allowed to go out. Which added on the chaos of the students. Finally the computer started after 2 hours of wait at 12:00 but all students had lost their motivation. How can they expect students to be attentive for 5 hours in a row!

As expected students felt exhausted and stressed out and were not able to manage the paper. Career of students being compromised.

If this happen at your centre you can do following:
1. Demand a re examination of another day
2. Tell them to give time for fresh air (go out) and call them back once the system is ready
3.  Let students to hang around and de stress themselves.

Dont let this thing go, you have paid the full fees for the exams and its prometric’s duty to serve you.

All the best
Rav Singh Cetking



CAT 2012 analysis and pattern

Last mile of CAT 2012
These 4 Workout video are for students scoring more than 95%ile.
Please keep a pen and paper handy to go through the workout.

Last mile of CAT 2012 – Part 1

Last mile of CAT 2012 – Part 2

Last mile of CAT 2012 – Part 3

Note: cat 2012 questions are sample not real

Overview verdict CAT 2012 analysis slot 1 day 1:
Quant – tricky by easy to medium
DI – Very easy to easy with little calculations
VA – Medium to difficult with close options
LR – Easy


Equations 5
Geometry 5
Numbers 4
Arithmetic 3
Functions & Graphs 2
P&C 1
Logrithms 1



Table 3
Bar Chart 3
Pie 2
DS 1



RC 11
Grammar 3
Paragraph 3
Para Jumble 2
Critical reasoning 1
Vocab 1



LR – Puzzles 8

Detailed analysis and paper pattern will be updated here by tonight.
Cetking & Mockengineering students – CAT 2012 based paper will be uploaded on by tonight.

Live analysis of CAT and NMAT paper Oct 11, 2012.. 9pm on youtube. Register here:


CAT 2012 analysis: Cutoffs & attempts

99%ile – QA/DI section – 20  and VA/LR sections – 22
95%ile – QA/DI section – 18  and VA/LR sections – 20
90%ile – QA/DI section – 15 and VA/LR sections – 18
+ with good accuracy

CAT 2012 Analysis by Rav Singh – 3 times CAT topper with more than 20 IIM calls.
CAT 2011 analysis by Rav Singh –

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None of the questions used in this workshop are real. any similarity is completely coincidental