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2 months to CAT 2

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Analysis based on Rav Singh’s 5 years of CAT taking experience.

Summary Select CAT date between Oct 23 – Nov 2
Ideal time for CAT as paper is manageable, you get enough time to study and most importantly have got chance to see how paper is coming based on analysis my analysis on day one.

Let me divide CAT dates into Slot 1, 2, 3 based on my past experience
Oct 16 – Oct 22 Below Average difficulty
Oct 23 – Nov 2 Average difficulty
Nov 3 – Nov 11 Above Average difficulty

Taking the exam early… Slot 1 Oct 16 – Oct 22
If you take the exam early obviously paper is going to be easier. Well calm down dont jump to take that dates.. CAT results are later normalized to match the level of difficulty.. thats why many students even though they have attempted good number of questions end up with lower percentiles. Example you might attempt good enough to score 99%ile but end up scoring only 94%ile or attempted for 98%ile but got 91%ile.

Second reason is looking at the macro environment with other exams.. You need some ease off time after CMAT and before CAT so keeping 30 days between Sept CMAT and CAT dates will good. Third, I want you to wait for my paper on day 1. I always upload a mock paper based on my first day experience. So I would advice cetking students not to book date in this window…

Take the exam late… Slot 3 Nov 3 – Nov 11
Most of the students are tempted to take this window as you get more time to study. But CAT and CMAT historically is more difficult towards the end so avoid these days. Anyways if you have not studied one complete year trust me one more week wont help anyways. Rather a difficult mock will demotivate you. Example one of my last year student who scored Rank 2 in CMAT but could only manage 86%ile in CAT because he couldnt manage his paper.

Ideal Slot Oct 23 – Nov 2
This is the ideal time to take the exam in which your paper is managable and you will be not be surprised to see your result. So go for it..

CAT exam overall level of difficulty has gone down from CAT 2006 – 08 papers. So solving CAT 1990 – 2004 paper would be ideal to practice to get the feel of the paper.

We have launched cutoff clearing shortcut workshops for Quant and verbal enough to help you clear the cutoffs. I will be launching CAT revision workshop after my CAT ie Oct 20th weekend so help u revise all. I will be launching D-Day mock one month before the CAT exam which will help you gauge your performance on a right benchmark. This D-Day mock will be exact level of difficulty of CAT unlike other coaching classes who give 3 times more difficult Mock.

However, level of difficulty does not vary drastically here and there… Just a couple of questions easy of difficult.. These things will become immaterial if you are 100% prepared for the exam..

All the best
Rav Singh

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Temperature check for CAT 2013″] Most common question in the mind of most of the students is where to start! this temperature check tool will help you analyze where you stand and how much improvement you need. Spend around 1 hour to 30 mins on this and at the end of it you will get a clear picture of your performance.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”CAT 2013 Dates announced”] Indian Institutes of Management has announced the dates for CAT 2013. The test which is a gateway to most of the prestigious management institutes across the country will be conducted over a period of 20 days between 16 October and 11 November 2013.

This year, four new testing locations will be added increasing the list to 40. The new locations are at Surat, Udaipur, Trivandrum and Vijayawada thus providing greater flexibility to candidates in terms of selecting their centre.

The CAT 2013 vouchers will be available at selected Axis Bank branches across the country.

Important Dates

Availability of Vouchers 29 July – 24 September 2013
Registration Window 29 July – 26 September 2013
Test 16 October – 11 November 2013


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Prepare for CAT: Lets Crack CAT…. dream team IIMs

Plan made by serial topper Rav Singh – 3 times topper with more than 20 IIM calls.
Rav Singh is alumni of JBIMS and a Management consultant in a UK based consulting form

  1. Temperature Check
  2. Complete the basics
  3. Sectional tests and exercises
  4. Start taking mocks every week
  5. Improve your weaker section
  6. Find shortcuts and strategies

Prepare for cat: 1. Temperature check
Most common question in the mind of most of the students is where to start! this temperature check tool will help you analyze where you stand and how much improvement you need. Spend around 1 hour to 30 mins on this and at the end of it you will get a clear picture of your performance.

Prepare for cat: 2. Complete the basics | Revise the basics
By basics we mean what should be able to solve every question given in the books without any problem.  If you have already completed the material available to you then move on to other books we would recommend RS Agrawal for all topics. Once you have completed the basics start the cycle of revising them all. You will definitely score more than 80%ile in CAT if you have done the basics.

Prepare for cat: 3. Sectional Tests and exercises
Start taking sectional tests and time based exercises. We would recommend taking 2 – 3 tests a week will see where you stand and how much improvement you need. If you are unable to find any books with enough tests then start using your current book and start taking tests of 20 – 40 questions in 30 minutes.

Prepare for cat: 4. Start taking mocks
We consider mocks to be kicks. Start taking mocks once every week, this will help you gauge your performance and know where you stand. Mock scores will also help you identify your aim and strategy for the last few months before CAT. Please start your mocks even if you have not completed the chapters. Completing everything is a never ending process so start taking mocks from this week onward.
We have good mock taking strategies program called mock engineering program but we won’t open our cards till you have solved a few mocks and have made some strategies. Then call us and we will help you frame a fool proof strategy for mocks.
It takes 2 hours to take a mock but will take another 2 hours to analyse the mocks. We have created a flowchart which will help you know where you stand and how much improvement you need in every section. Analysis should include your attempted, non-attempted questions.  Silly mistakes and guess work attempts.

Prepare for cat: 5. Identify and improve your weak area:
It will take one month to improve your weaker section. If you like a stranger and directly propose her she will slap! So first know her by talking to her, take her out for coffee then give your luck a try. Similarly start with the solved examples to know the topic well. Then try some more exercises to gain knowledge about the subject. Finally try to take some sectional tests to see your performance.

6. Shortcuts and strategies
If you are good in one area say quant or DI then don’t be content with that. Strive for something better than that. Try to find strategies and shortcuts for those sections. Once you are revising the basics you will find easier ways to solve the questions. This will help you increase your speed, Improve your accuracy and reduce time per question.
Do collective studies with your friends and exchange ideas and shortcuts with each other. If you have 5 shortcuts and your friend has 5 shortcuts.. suddenly you will see that together you have 10 shortcuts.
Try Shortcut and strategies in these videos:

If you are unable to find shortcuts or struggling with any area then join our CATking workshops. In this workshop we will help you solve:

  • DI without pen!
  • Quant without formulas
  • RC in half them time.
  • Shortcuts and Strategies for Logical reasoning

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