Important Areas for CAT 2015 target 99%ile

Scoring 99%ile is becoming more of a distant dream for most of the CAT aspirants especially if you are scoring less than 90%ile in your mocks. In this article you will know about what to do and what not to do for CAT! Tips discussed in this article will help you improve your current score of 70 – 90%ile to 99%ile.

What not to do!
Stalling: Most of the students have a tendency to always find an excuse.
“I was supposed to start my preparation for CAT 6 months ago to meet my deadlines”
“I study hard for a week, then not do much for another” This definitely is delaying your progress.
Stop giving excuses for your performance and fasten your seat belts, you still have 50 days to go.

Study the same topic from different books: Some of the students do same topic from different books especially if that is your favourite topic. This is not only waste of time but also prove to be counterproductive. Better solve one book completely will also improve your confidence.

Too little review: Most of the students when taking mock, tests and practice exercises don’t spend much time on the review and content. You must go through every single question and its explanation available to you. Reviewing a paper and analysing the mistakes is more important than solving a paper.

What to do

Devise the game plan: Making a plan for CAT is like going on a diet with a plan or going on a war with a combat strategy. The key is that it has to be a realistic plan. Don’t start off at a rhythm that you cannot maintain. Divide your remaining days into a daily schedule of doing areas proportional to their weightage in CAT.

Do basics thoroughly: Let me suggest a sample technique for doing basics. Example for quant do 2 topics a day spending 60 to 90 minutes on each topic and taking 10 minutes break between topics. Select the topics which have more weightage in CAT for example covering Equations, Numbers and Geometry covers most the quant preparation you need for 99%ile!

Review Mocks: After taking the CAT mock go over the paper to figure out what you got wrong, then try to find out why, and establish specific goals for improving over the next one week. Goals while after reviewing mocks fall in one of three areas: speed, strong basics, or accuracy.

Important Areas for CAT 2015
The worksheet below will help you manage.


Section Area Questions Average questions in CAT Time allocated by You
LR LR Arrangement Puzzle 8
LR LR Investment based puzzle 8
LR LR Single question puzzles 1
LR LR Deductions or FIJ 1
VA Verbal Fill in the blanks 5
VA Verbal Reading Comprehension 7
VA Verbal Para completion 5
VA Verbal Vocab based questions 3
DI DI DI Tables 4
DI DI DI Logic based 8
DI DI Bar & Line chart 4
QA Quant Numbers 3
QA Quant Equations + Special Equations 3
QA Quant Perm & Comb 3
QA Quant Functions & Sets 2
QA Quant Geometry 8
QA Quant Time Speed Distance 1
QA Quant Inequalities 1
QA Quant Percentages 4
QA Quant AP GP series 2