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CAT Mockengineering – Increase your score by 20 marks

MockEngineering is a concept to Increase your score by 20 marks through improvement in your mock taking strategies. It sounds surprising but we can help you increase your score by 20 marks with CATking’s Mockengineering strategies.

If you are going out shopping do you make plan or list of things to do?
Girls if you are planning to do dieting you make plan?
If India goes for war they will have a combat strategy in mind?

If answer for the above questions is yes then why most of the students don’t have a solid test taking strategy for CAT. Taking mocks without strategy will hampers their chances of scoring more. If you have one great don’t change it now.. If no then follow our strategy.

Improving your score in mocks depends upon 3 aces:
1. Attempts
2. Accuracy
3. Accelerators

This will definitely help students who are scoring less then 95%ile in CAT..
With Mockengineering’s 20 marks your score can improve from 80%ile to 99%ile (required for IIMs)..

Mockengineering is going to touch upon all these 3 aces.
1. Increase your attempts increasing your scores directly
2. Reducing the wrong questions thus increasing your scores indirectly
3. Accelerate your marks past 99%ile required by IIMs.

Watch this space… It will take a month to improve yourself with mockengineering so keep visiting for next 4 weeks for weekly plans and strategies for taking the mock.