Mockengineering CAT Mock series
– Increase your score by 20 marks


CETking presents No Nonsense mocks which is based 100% on last years CAT papers.
for details watch the video and see here Details of CAT mock series here >>

All mock questions are based on and similar to actual papers in Cetking’s mockengineering program.
CETking MockEngineering Advantages:

  • Mentorship program – your mentor alumni / student of JBIMS will make ur strategies for u.
  • Mock tests with simulated state level ranking
  • Sectional tests for practice before the mocks
  • Each mock specially proctored by CAT & IIM toppers
  • CETking’s famous Test taking strategies
  • Schedule on how to prepare for last few months
  • Expert guidance by IIMs alumni and students

Details of CAT mock series here >>

Phase based program CETking Mockengineering cat mock papers .
We have divided the mocks into 3 stages, We will have a power discussion session at the end of every stage where you will talk to our mock engineering expert and discuss your strategy.

LoP1: Level of preparation 1 will concentrate on building your basics
LoP2: Level of preparation 2 will conentrate on building your attempts
LoP3: Level of preparation 3 will help you maximise your potential
We wont stop you but ideally you should not move to Lop 2 without completing Lop1. and same from Lop 2 to Lop 3. Like all our other products MockEngineering program is all about smart working.

LOP 1 : Level of Preparation 1 – Accuracy building

  • Cetking Mock 1
  • Cetking Mock 2
  • Cetking Mock 3
  • 10 score maximiser mini mocks

Call us for your strategies.. Details of CAT mock series here >>

LOP 2 : Level of Preparation 2 – Attempts building

  • Cetking Mock 4
  • Cetking Mock 5
  • Cetking Mock 6
  • 10 score maximiser mini mocks

Call us for your strategies..

LOP 3 : Level of Preparation 3 – Accelerators

  • Cetking Mock 7
  • Cetking Mock 8
  • Cetking Mock 9
  • Cetking Mock 10
  • 10 score maximiser mini mocks

Why MockEngineering?
MockEngineering is a program to Increase your score by 20 marks through improvement in your mock taking strategies. It sounds surprising but we can help you increase your score by 20 marks with CETking’s Mockengineering strategies.

If you are going out shopping do you make plan or list of things to do?
Girls if you are planning to do dieting you make plan?
If India goes for war they will have a strategy in mind?

If answer for the above questions is yes then why most of the students don’t have a solid test taking strategy for CAT. Taking mocks without strategy will hampers their chances of scoring more. If you have one great don’t change it now.. If no then follow our strategy.

Improving your score in mocks depends upon 3 aces:
1. Attempts
2. Accuracy
3. Accelerators

This will definitely help students who are scoring less then 95%ile in CAT..
With Mockengineering’s 20 marks your score can improve from 80%ile to 99%ile (required for IIMs).. Details of mockengineering here >>

Mockengineering is going to touch upon all these 3 aces.
1. Increase your attempts increasing your scores directly
2. Reducing the wrong questions thus increasing your scores indirectly
3. Accelerate your marks past 99%ile required by IIMs.

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CETking Mockengineering cat mock series