CAT 2018 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2018 question paper with solutions pdf

CAT 2018 Slot 1 question paper

CAT 2018 slot 2 question paper

We are preparing solution with answer key and will be available in few days.

Expected Cutoffs….

Quant Difficult than last year
99%ile 20 22 attempts
90%ile 15 16
80%ile 10 11

Verbal Same as last year
99%ile 25 attempts
90%ile 20
80%ile 15

DILR slight easy than last year
99%ile 4 sets attempts
90%ile 3 sets
80%ile 2 sets

Cetking first cut analysis..

Verbal – same as last year
RC1 5 questions
RC2 5 questions
RC3 5 questions
RC4 5 questions
RC5 4 questions
PJ 4 questions
Summary 3 questions
Odd man 3 questions

DILR slight easier than last year Caselet
Fill in blanks
Quant based PnC
Logic based DI 2 sets
Pie charts
Group Arrangments
Suduko type nxn matrix

Quant difficult than last year
Geometry 6
Number 1
Modern maths 11 (sets logs functions APGP)
Arithmetic 9
Time speed and work 6
PnC 1

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