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How To Improve Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning when I started with my CAT preparation Logical reasoning was something I thought would be simple to crack.Just do some brain teasers and math puzzles and life is sorted.So I started with some brain teasers from internet, blood relations,coding decoding,ranking test. These topics made me feel good as I could solve them very easily and[…]


How to improve your grammar

How to improve your grammar: Grammar is something where you don’t require any formulae or shortcuts to crack questions you just got to have your basics in place and good command over the language.This can be done by reading…i know its a cliche but that is the only way to improve your grammar.reading is not only restricted[…]

Time and Work

Time and Work shortcut workshops register here:      Time and Work Solved Problems Difficulty Level – Medium   A can work on 1km railway track in 1 day. In how many days, will he able to complte the work on 12km railway track? Soln: no. of days = total work / work done in 1[…]

Admissions against CAP vacancies

Admissions against CAP vacancies or Admission against cancellations Many times students take admission but cancel out because they get better college or some other reasons. As per guidelines and eligibility criterion decided by DTE Mumbai aspiring eligible candidates shall submit the application for admission against institute level quota and probable vacancies against CAP within stipulated[…]

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Linguistic Minority Seats in MBA CET

Linguistic Minority Seats in MBA CET Contact the individual college for the exact details of linguistic Minority Seats. The Bombay HC has directed the Maharashtra government and University of Mumbai to keep minority quota seats in unaided professional colleges. As per the law, private, unaided minority colleges are allowed to fill 51% of the seats[…]

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ILS seats in MBA CET Institute level seats

ILS seats in MBA CET Institute level seats in Mumbai based colleges Some percentage of seats (10% or 20%) in most of the MBA program are institute level seats and are offered on merit basis to open and other category students. Students meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for these seats after submitting an application[…]

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CAP Round final Admission by Centralized Counseling

CAP Round final Admission by Centralized Counseling For this academic year, the Competent Authority DTE shall conduct total Three (3) or four (4) rounds of Centralized Admission. The CAP shall consist of first three (3) rounds by Centralized Allotment wherein eligible candidates will fill separate Online Option forms for respective rounds. Fourth round of CAP[…]

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