Case study Train Derailment

Case study Train Derailment. Question… “A train got derailed across 2 tracks at night, so authorities cleared the train track but rerouted all the trains on the 2 tracks.Due to this students travelling for the HSC examinations were affected. Also the local commuters were affected. There was a media outcry and there were proposals to[…]

GDPI WAT Delhi odd even car policy

As the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government’s much talked about odd-even car policy’s trial period comes to an end on Friday, debates are on about how effective the scheme really was. The Delhi government now needs to decide whether this policy will have a second phase. On Wednesday, Delhi Transport minister Gopal Rai had said[…]

Case study HR case with discussion

Hi guys let’s start tonight with favourite HR case.. Ashish is a Vice President in a construction equipment company in the city of Mumbai. One day, his subordinate Bhonsle requested that Kale, a project manager, be transferred to the Chennai office from the Mumbai office. In Chennai, Kale would work alone as a researcher. Bhonsle[…]


Register here for free workshop… It contains 10 PI workshops, GD workshops and PIs. ——————————————————- Admission Criteria for IIT Bombay 2016-18   1. Criteria for Preparing the Merit List  (Max. marks 100) The criteria for preparing the Merit List will be as follows CAT Score : 20 % Interview (WAT & PI) : 44 % Profile[…]

WAT GDPI primer – Award Wapsi

Must read article on Award Wapsi   In 2014 as the country was readying to vote in a historic Lok Sabha election, a little more than two dozen film professionals wrote an open letter. Circulated among members of the Hindi film industry, it appealed to the voters to choose a secular party to “protect the[…]

IIM Shillong GDPI Experiences

Free WAT PI Workshp by Cetking ———————————————————————————— IIM Shillong GDPI Experiences Venue: Delhi Hotel Mantra Amaltas, Friends Colony (W), Mathura Road (For people who have a problem finding it, its right on the main Mathura road. If one is going towards Ashram from Faridabad, it will be on the left about half a Kilometer before[…]