Register here for free workshop… It contains 10 PI workshops, GD workshops and PIs. ——————————————————- Admission Criteria for IIT Bombay 2016-18   1. Criteria for Preparing the Merit List  (Max. marks 100) The criteria for preparing the Merit List will be as follows CAT Score : 20 % Interview (WAT & PI) : 44 % Profile …

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Case study Train Derailment

Case study Train Derailment. Question… “A train got derailed across 2 tracks at night, so authorities cleared the train track but rerouted all the trains on the 2 tracks.Due to this students travelling for the HSC examinations were affected. Also the local commuters were affected. There was a media outcry and there were proposals to …

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Finance Interviews preparation

Important interview questions for finance Scope of finance function The main objective of financial management is to arrange sufficient finance for meeting short-term and long-term needs. With these things in mind, a Financial Manager will have to concentrate on the following areas of finance function. 1.Estimating Financial Requirements 2.Deciding Capital Structure 3.Selecting a Source of …

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Marketing Interviews preparation

Marketing is all about media, brands, thinking global, teamwork, and creativity. Marketing is about enjoying yourself, and pushing yourself to learn new skills. It’s where we, as the world’s leading body for marketers, can help you at each stage in your career through professional qualifications, membership and continuing professional development (CPD) that will not only …

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