Attend free workshop on Arithmetic shortcuts Register here… CAT typical question: (CAT 1998) One bacterium splits into eight bacteria of the next generation. But due to environmental condition only 50% survives and remaining 50% dies after producing next generation. If the seventh generation number is 4,096 million, what is the number in first generation? A][…]

Gk for today September 2016 by Cetking

Gk for the month of 2016….. September 1 2016 #CurrentAffairs#Cetking#Gk Current affairs of 1st September 2016 Brazil’s former vice president, Michel Temer has been sworn as the country’s new president Actor Irrfan Khan awarded Entertainer of The Year Award Sudharshan Pattnaik wins prize in Moscow Sand Art Show for his sand sculpture titled “Mahatma Gandhi[…]

D-DAY tips of IIFT

Do’s & Don’ts before & on the exam Candidates should have clear idea of following topics: English comprehension Reading Comprehension, Verbal reasoning, Syllogisms, Contextual usage, Analogies, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks, Jumbled paragraphs with 4-5 sentences, Foreign language words used in English, Sentence Completion, Sentence Correction,  Odd man out, Idioms, One word substitution, Different usage[…]

10 most important things to do for IIFT

Points to keep in mind i One of the most important skills to learn in order to best prepare for exams. It’s important you find the methods that best work for you — because everyone learns differently. How do you find the right way to prepare? Review these 10 tips for better test preparation and[…]

How I prepared for IIFT

Tips from the Topper itself These are just simple guidelines but the most important thing is your dedication and determination. If you read these steps and appreciate them but don’t follow them then these are of no use. Therefore, I recommend every student to be very sincere and give a good try. The steps are[…]