Attend free workshop on Arithmetic shortcuts Register here… CAT typical question: (CAT 1998) One bacterium splits into eight bacteria of the next generation. But due to environmental condition only 50% survives and remaining 50% dies after producing next generation. If the seventh generation number is 4,096 million, what is the number in first generation? A][…]


Download Numbers advance handout here: > Click here < Numbers shortcut workshop register here…. Numbers in CAT CMAT and other exams Shortcuts and how to prepare video.. Scope and syllabus for Numbers in CAT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP and other entrance exams: —Number Tree —LCM HCF —Divisibility Rules —Power cycle —Remainder Theorem —Last and Second last[…]

Section wise questions appearing in NMAT

A tentative breakout of all areas This article gives you a rough idea about breakout of all areas in each section, thus boosting you to prepare & prioritize subjects as per your solving ability & time management. Quantitative Ability:- 48 questions in 60 minutes Logical Reasoning:-  40 questions in 38 minutes Verbal Ability:-  32 questions[…]

Success Story of Mustafa

FROM FAILING IN 6TH GRADE TO IIM-BANGLORE TO BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR. This is story of a man who failed in class 6th but went on to become an entrepreneur. P C Mustafa grew up in a small village of Kerala which had only one primary school.The village was so remote that it had no electricity and[…]

How to nail NMAT

Preparation tips for test The NMAT stands for Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test, which is a management entrance test to Narsee Monjee institute located at Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. The NMAT exam is conducted for the purpose of admission in post graduate programme, MBA- Masters in Business Administration. NMIMS is one of the crème de[…]

How I prepared for NMAT

Tips from the topper itself Who can offer you better tips on how to prepare for NMAT than those who have grind themselves, have cracked NMAT earlier.   Here’s an NMAT Preparation Guide for you by our experts: How did I prepare NMAT? When you are giving mocks of NMAT, you must pay appropriate attention to all sections.[…]

data interpretation

How To Improve Score in Data Interpretation Part of all Competitive Exams

Data Interpretation as the name suggest requires good interpretation and analysis skills.It isn’t as scary as it sounds all it requires is hang of quick calculation and you crack it.Data Interpretation is a part of all MBA entrance exam to check how well you can read and apply data an a manager sections in DI, there are three[…]

LR cat 2016

How To Improve Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning when I started with my CAT preparation Logical reasoning was something I thought would be simple to crack.Just do some brain teasers and math puzzles and life is sorted.So I started with some brain teasers from internet, blood relations,coding decoding,ranking test. These topics made me feel good as I could solve them very easily and[…]


How to improve your grammar

How to improve your grammar: Grammar is something where you don’t require any formulae or shortcuts to crack questions you just got to have your basics in place and good command over the language.This can be done by reading…i know its a cliche but that is the only way to improve your grammar.reading is not only restricted[…]