GK for January 2017

#CurrentAffairs#Cetking#GK Current Affairs of 1st January 2017 1st January 2017 is 50th World Day of Peace.Theme of World Day of Peace 2017 : ‘Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace’ Modi announced a new housing loan scheme, under which poor and middle-class citizens will get a 4% exemption on interest on loans up to ₹9[…]


Cetking Workshops for MBA CET 2017 Cetking CET master class workshops With Rav Singh Increase your score by 20 marks Do invite your friends as well.. Will be giving hardcopy of CET 2016 paper and discussing it in the session. Cetking workshop Agenda by Rav Singh: – How to approach cet paper – Coding-Decoding –[…]

GK For December 2016

#CurrentAffairs#Cetking#Gk Current Affairs of 1st December 2016 World AIDS Day is observed across the world on 1st December annually. The theme for 2016 World Aids Day is ‘Hands Up for HIV Prevention’. The autobiography of India’s batting legend Sachin Tendulkar “Playing it my way” has won the prestigious Crossword Book of the Year Award in[…]


Q1:The rent of the car = Maxima(number of hours × charge per hour, km travelled × charge per km) Case 1: Anand drove the car for 5 hours or less ∴ Rent = Maxima(300, 30 × 12) = 360 Case 2: Anand drove the car for more than 5 hours ∴ Rent = Maxima(300, 7.5[…]


Q1: 2^x − x − 1 = 0 ∴ 2^x = x + 1 This equation indicates the intersection of an exponential curve, lying in the I and II quadrants, and a straight line. ∴ It can have two intersection points at the most.  In this case, we can find two intersection points by trial[…]