44% weighage for Verbal Section in CAT 2016

Summary Equal weightage to all the questions and sections in CAT 2016 might get over as CAT 2016 is expected to rationalise the weights assigned to different components of the test to remove skewness in the selection process towards a particular set of candidates (engineers) New expected pattern suggested in a local newspaper: Overall CAT[…]

Key Points to recollect while Penning a Descriptive Essay – Develop every one of them

Key Points to recollect while Penning a Descriptive Essay – Develop every one of them

As long as the scholars are involved, penning is a very difficult task for him or her and no pupils are comfortable with publishing project at the same time. They designed to get distinct kinds of assignments to undertake during their academic many years. […]

Red Phase Weekly test 4 solutions

30% of the men are more than 25 years old and 80% of the men are less than or equal to 50 years old. 20% of all men play football. If 20% of the men above the age of 50 play football, what percentage of the football players are less than or equal to 50[…]

Yes you can!!!

HELLO TO ALL, I hear that some of you have started appearing for Mock CAT’s and are discouraged after seeing the scores. I just want to say Don’t Give up Yet!!!. This is Just the Beginning. No One Aces an Exam in the very First Attempt KEEP TRYING & WORK HARDER. By seeing your scores don’t feel[…]

Red phase test solution

Q1. In this graph, the parts marked by “Data Not Available” may have belonged to one or more of all the participating countries. Q 1.1 What was the ratio of the number of gold medals won by Singapore to the number of silver medals won by Jordon ? A.  21:31 B.  4:5 C.  31:33 D.[…]

Orange phase part 2

Solutions to all questions of Orange phase part 2. Sum of first 12 terms of a GP is equal to the sum of the first 14 terms in the same GP. Sum of the first 17 terms is 92, what is the third term in the GP? 92 -92 46 231 Choice A. 92 DETAILED SOLUTION[…]