Cetking Visual and Verbal Reasoning book
This topic is 40 marks in the CET exam. Visual reasoning 25 questions
Verbal reasoning 15 questions
Combined these topics are most ignored areas of the Cet exam and very crucial to targeting top colleges.

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About Visual Reasoning
Most frequently asked topic in CET is non-verbal reasoning (Visual Reasoning CET). The non-verbal reasoning, also known as diagrammatic reasoning or abstract reasoning, involves critical thinking, and tests one’s ability to isolate and identify the various components of any given situation. A person with a higher non-verbal reasoning ability is better equipped to work in positions that require quick decision making. So, it is not a surprise that the non-verbal reasoning questions commonly appear in any placement tests, competitive exams or entrance exams.

Usually, non-verbal reasoning tests show a series of figures arranged in a pattern or sequence and you are required to identify the missing figure or the next in the sequence. Because the non-verbal reasoning questions don’t rely on a knowledge of either English or maths they are believed to be the best indicator of general intelligence and your ability to learn new things quickly.

To help the students preparing for competitive exams and placement tests, we provide interactive online practice non-verbal reasoning tests with asnwers in multiple choice objective type. Cetking conducts 10 intensive and comprehensive workshops on Verbal Reasoning and Visual Reasoning.

Importance in CET exam
20 questions in CET which means Visual Reasoning is most important topic in CET.. more important than Quant, RC Puzzles and others.

Book contains 200 pages with promise that 100% of the CET paper will be based on this book.
This book is made after thorough research on last 10 year CET papers…Visual Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning Cetking

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Series based questions
Chapter 3 Analogies
Chapter 4 Odd man out Classificaion
Chapter 5 Commonly repeated lasy years questions
Chapter 6 Exercises with frequently repeated questions

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Cetking Visual Reasoning Online Workshops
Most comprehensive program for Visual Reasoning – study from home anywhere in India

Overview: Cetking launches its innovative 5 phase program for Visual Reasoning
Phase 1 – Basics of Non Verbal or Visual Reasoning
Phase 2 – Types of Non Verbal or Visual Reasoning Types
Phase 3 – Types of Non Verbal or Visual Reasoning questions
Phase 4 – Types of Visual Reasoning Logics

Program is only available with CETking JB120 or G100 program and is not sold separately. Details of JB120 Program click here:

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– Gaurav Raghuvanshi (157/200 marks)

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– Hardik Shah (CET Rank 9)

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Program details:Visual reasoning
Visual Reasoning 25 Online Workshops by Cetking

Non Verbal Reasoning is coming for 25 marks in CET and is one of the hell topics for most of the students.. Most of the coaching classes also recommend students to leave this topic as they themselves hav no idea about this topic…

While other classes are taking 1 or 2 workshops on this topic.. we are going to take 25 workshops to keep ourself ahead of the competition…

Launching innovative 6 phase Visual Reasoning
25 Online Workshops by Cetking

Phase 1 Introduction and Basics
1 Basics of Visual Workshop part 1
1 Basics of Visual Workshop part 2
2 Basics of Visual Workshop

Phase 2 Visual Types
1 Type of questions
2 Type of logics 1
2 Type of logics 2

Phase 3 Questions Type
1 Series based type of questions
2 Odd man out based type of questions
3 Analogies based type of questions
4 Other type of questions

Phase 4 Logic Types
D1 Movement
D2 Angles
D3 Quantitative
D4 Replacement

Phase 5 Actual ques solved
E1 CET 2007 paper
E2 CET 2008 paper
E3 CET 2009 paper
E4 CET 2010 paper
E5 CET 2011 paper
E6 CET Visual 2012 paper

Phase 6 Cetking Strategies
NVR 0 Basics
NVR 1 Pen Strategy and One Man Army
NVR 2 Pairing strategy
NVR 3 G Strategy
NVR 4 Options Strategy

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Visual handouts free
Visual Reasoning CET Non verbal reasoning advanced objective questions and answers and tests for online practice
Cetking Visual Reasoning 1 must do Basic handout download now>>

Cetking Visual Reasoning 2 must do Basic handout download now>>

Visual Reasoning Strategy Workshop
Cetking famous 20 Visual Workshops CET for Cetking JB120 & G100 students

Cetking Visual Reasoning 1 must do Basic handout download now>>

Cetking Visual Reasoning 2 must do Basic handout download now>>

Visual Reasoning Non Verbal Reasoning by Cetking