All you want to know about HU OHU and OMS category in CET MBA is explained here:



HU Home University – like student from Mumbai for mumbai colleges
OHU – Outside Home University – like pune student for mumbai colleges
OMS / AI – Non Maharastra Students / All India Seats – like delhi student applying for mumbai colleges

Total Seats up for grab for OMS candidates

Open Open Open Reservation Reservation Reservation
College Mumbai Maharashtra All India Mumbai Maharashtra All India Application
JBIMS MMS 47 47 18 60 60 No through CET
Sydenham MMS & PG 38 9 18 42 9 No through CET only
Sydenham PG 19 4 9 21 5 No through CET only
KJ Somaiya MMS 38 9 18 No through CET only
Welingkar MMS 38 9 18 42 9 No through CET only
Welingkar PGDM 240 240 240 240 240 240 Separate Application
SIES MMS 38 9 18 No through CET only
SIES PGDM 120 120 120 120 120 120 Separate Application
Dalmia MMS 38 9 18 No through CET only
Dalmia PGDM 120 120 120 120 120 120 Separate Application
Rest of the 5 colleges 190 45 90 210 45 No through CET only
Total 939 635 729 855 607 480

1. Home University (HU) seats – Deadly Competition:
Home students have advantage 70% or 84 seats is reserved for Home University candidates i.e. for the University under the jurisdiction of which that institute is located. Home University seats are available for allotment through CAP only for the Maharashtra candidates having their Home University status as of that University. Example Mumbai Student applying for Mumbai based colleges like Sydenham KJ Somaiya and Welingkar.. Home advantage ends here as open seats are only 38 in every college.

2. Other than Home University (OHU) Seats – Most difficult competition :
15% or 18 seats as per the type of institute is reserved for Other Universities i.e. for the Universities other than the University under the jurisdiction of which that institute is located. Such seats are called as OHU seats. OHU seats of an Institute are available for allotment through CAP only for the Maharashtra candidates belonging to Universities in Maharashtra State other than the University under the jurisdiction of which that institute is located. Candidates can opt for the seat of any other University (excluding his/her home university) under this provision of OHU seats. Example Pune students applying for Mumbai based college. This category has the most difficult competition as there are only 09 open seats.

3. All India Seats (for MS and OMS candidates) – Deadly competition :
These 15% or 18 seats seats are available for allotment through CAP for the both eligible Maharashtra and Outside Maharashtra State candidates. Provision of reservation for backward class categories is not available i.e. All India level seats are treated as belonging to the “General Category”. Example Delhi Student applying for Mumbai colleges. But as most of the students are not aware of this competition is very less for 18 seats all open seats…
So you should focus on the 1 seat which you want rather than focusing on less seats.

MBA CET is conducted in 34 examination centres in Maharashtra or 12 centres outside Maharashtra can be opted in order of preference to indicate the choice of centres -Ahmedabad (Gujrat); Bengluru (Karnataka); Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh); Jaipur (Rajasthan); Kolkata (West Bengal); Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh); New Delhi (Delhi); Panji (Goa); Patna (Bihar); Raipur (Chattisgarh); Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Shrinagar (Jammu and Kashmir).

Total Seats in every college except JBIMS


This is the only simple part.. Main problem starts when you have to Identify your status…

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Father/ Mother Domicile:
Father / Mother Job Status if Central/Maharashtra state govt job:

All answers should be like:
(Mumbai HU , Maharashtra (outside mumbai OHU) or Outside Maharashtra (OMS)