Cutoffs are given below for 2018 2017 and 2016.

CMAT %ile CMAT 2019 Cutoffs CMAT 2017 Cutoffs CMAT 2018 Cutoffs Cutoffs
99.99%ile  355 NA NA  JBIMS MMS, Mumbai (not confirmed yet)
 345+ 297 310 Sydenham MMS, Sydenham PGDM, Mumbai
99.96%ile  340 295 300 KJ Somaiya MMS
99.9%ile  338 294 296 Welingkar MMS, Mumbai
SIES MMS, Mumbai
99.85%ile 333 289 290
99.8%ile 332 285 286
99.7%ile 281 280
99.6%ile 276
99.5%ile 273 271
99.2%ile 310 266 263
99%ile  308 264 260
98.75%ile 260 255
98.5%ile 256 253
98%ile 301 251 248
97%ile 290 242 239 KJ Somaiya PGDM
95%ile 285 229 226
90%ile  265 207 204 GIM PGDM, Goa; Great Lakes profile based
85%ile  247 193 187
80%ile  232 177 173 NIA PGDM, Pune; IFMR, Chennai (profile based)
Welingkar PGDM, Mumbai
75%ile  220 167 161 ITM Kharghar PGDM, Mumbai; IMT Hyderabad; Gitam- Vizag; BIMTECH, Noida
70%ile 158 150  Alliance, Bangalore; Christ College-Bangalore
65%ile 148 140  SDMIMD, Mysore; XISS, Ranchi
60%ile 125 130  Acharya, Bangalore; PES Inst of Tech, Bangalore; SCMS, Cochin
55%ile  181 110 122
50%ile  168 100 112  M P Birla Inst of Mgmt, Bangalore; IPE, Hyderabad

Note: No GDPI for MMS so cutoff is high


CMAT 2018 paper PDF CMAT Question paper download pdf 2018

CMAT 2019 paper PDF CMAT 2019 question paper pdf download with solutions

Overall CMAT paper was slightly difficult than the last year paper so cutoffs will fall; also server was restarting at various locations which reduced the speed and motivation of the students.

Detailed analysis video and cutoffs 

Expected Cutoffs CMAT 2018:

Detailed analysis Section wise:

Language Comprehension (25 Questions):
Ideal Attempts: JBIMS 22+, Top 4: 20+; 90%ile: 17
Time: 45 – 50 mins
This section can be divided in two parts: Reading Comprehension based questions (15 Qs) and Verbal Ability based questions (10 Qs). 4 short RCs, out of these 10 questions were direct and easy to solve. 5 – 6 ques on inference based – authors’ tone etc.. 3 – 4 Vocab medium level based on Sabotage, Perfidy, Ventriloquism. No PJ, idioms, odd man out or error detection and One Fill-in-the-blanks. Overall, this section needed some time to solve due to presence of RCs but can be called moderate. An attempt of 22 questions can be termed as good with a suggested time of 45 minutes.

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation (25 Questions):
Ideal Attempts: JBIMS 23+, Top 4: 20+; 90%ile: 17 attempts
Time: 60 mins
Overall Easy but little calculations, few questions twisted.
There was a large number of questions on Arithmetic – percentages and ratios. Apart from these, there were questions from two from Probability, Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Geometric Mean and 4 to 5 questions on Geometry. DI 3 questions one from pie chart, 2 table. There were no questions of Permutation Combination, Logarithm, Function or Inequality. Overall, the questions of this section was difficult than those in previous editions of CMAT. With Approximately 12-14 questions easy to solve, an attempt count of 20 can be termed good with a suggested time of 50 minutes.

Logical Reasoning (25 Questions):
Ideal Attempts: JBIMS 23+, Top 4: 20+; 90%ile: 18
Time: 60 mins
Questions related to Arrangements and Puzzles were the most time consuming questions of the test paper. Couple of puzzles were twisted and little complicated. Questions based on Matrix, blood relationship, direction sense puzzle were also asked in this section.

Overall, this section was the most time consuming one among all the 4 sections of the test paper. An aspirant with good practice of reasoning questions should be able to reach up to 19 questions in a recommended time of 60 minutes.

General Awareness (25 questions)
Ideal Attempts: JBIMS 10+, Top 4: 8+; 90%ile: 5+
Photo of painting, photo of dhyan chand, brahmos missile, salt water conducts electricity, number of strings on 2000 note. No ques based on businesses, books or awards.




Top 10


Top 20 colleges SCORE
QT and DI 25 Moderate 60 minutes 20+ 80 70 60
LR 25 Moderate 60 minutes 19 80 70 60
English 25 Moderate 50 minutes 22 80 70 60
GA 25 Moderate 10 minutes 10+ 35 25 20
Overall 100 Moderate 180 minutes 75 275-280 235-240 200


10 must note tips for CMAT

Importance of CMAT
Most of the Bschool which accepts CMAT scores also accept CAT and XAT scores. CMAT will be a savior if you couldn’t do well in other exams. Look at the cutoffs 200/400 marks is 99%ile as exam takers are less. So take CMAT seriously and try for a good score Ideal score in CMAT Target should be 260 marks in CMAT ie attempt of around 300 marks of paper so that you can clear cutoff of every college through CMAT. 250 is the ideal target score for top 4 colleges.

Pattern same old one:
Dont expect any changes in the exam paper pattern. The test consists of four sections with 25 questions each, namely, Quantitative Technique (QT) and Data Interpretation (DI), Language Comprehension (LC), Logical Reasoning (LR) as well as Current/General Awareness.

Sectional timing
There is no sectional timings but Cetking recommends following time breakup per section. Quant 60 minutes Verbal 60 minutes Logic 50 minutes GK 10 minutes Start with your favourite section first Ideal attempt per section There is no ideal attempt per section but cetking recommends following timings per section. However decide your own attempts before start of the paper:cmat-logo
Quant 20 questions
Verbal 20 questions
Logic 20 questions
GK 15 question

Sectional cutoff
There is no sectional cutoffs for any college through cmat but we recommend to spend time in every section to maximize your scores. Putting dedicated time per section will ensure that you attempt the full paper.

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation:
The Quant section on Day 3 was of moderate level. It had an assortment of questions based on Geometry, Algebra, Permutation-Combination, Profit and Loss, Numbers, Mensuration, etc. Although it was not a tough section, it was time-consuming. The DI questions were lengthy and needed proper understanding of the problem to solve the questions based on data.

Language Comprehension:
The section con have three Reading Comprehension (RC) passages consisting of 300 to 400 words, which were followed by 15 to 16 questions. All the passages will be moderate, with some difficult words as well as sentences. The questions on the RC passages were mainly on facts, inference, etc. Other than the RC questions, the rest of the 10 questions out of 25 were based on core English grammar, Fill in the Blanks, use of Synonyms and Antonyms, short but complicated Jumbled Sentences, etc. The section was overall moderate, with some slightly difficult questions.

Logical Reasoning:
This will be an easy section with questions on Series Completion, Truth and Lie Detection, Visual Reasoning, Blood Relationship, Setting Arrangement, etc. Some questions were time-consuming like arrangement puzzles so do them in the end.

Current/General Awareness:
In this section, General Knowledge (GK) is normally more focused on Indian Economy as well as Polity. A majority of the questions would be based on Constitution of India, General Science, Fiscal system of India (including taxation, type of tax, etc.), Sports, World Affairs, Words used for the study of certain sciences, etc. Polish your current affairs knowledge of last 12 months.

Mocks and Revision
Remember every question of CMAT will be doable. If you leave any question it will be because you dont know the formula or method to solve. Run through 20 questions of every chapter QA LR VA so that you are prepared for different type of questions. Give a mock if you have not taken any so that you get well verse with the interface of the CMAT exam.

Technical glitches
No exam is spared by technical problems.. so be prepared for any kind of problem. Computer restarting, Mouse not working, Screen freeze, Timer wrong or dull monitor. Most of the students will screw up their exam even if their computer gives problem for 5 mins. So be prepared for loosing out 10 minutes out of 180 because of this, dont let it take the toll on your confidence. Pull yourself and save your remaining 170 minutes.


CMAT important topics and strategy free workshop




How to prepare for CMAT

Cetking is starting online and classroom program for CMAT…

Free mocks
Free advice and guidance
Free 24/7 doubt clearing facility
Strategy videos and workshops
Loads of action in coming weeks.
Join this forum:

Overview of plan:


Weekly schedule From Dec 21 – Jan 21. Then Daily schedule from Jan 21 to Feb 21.
Week One Schedule:
1. Take one mock – What ever is your level of prep take a mock to see where u stand. Target is to improve your score by 40 marks in next one month. Which is not impossible.
2. Start identifying your weak areas and improve them.
3. Target to complete 30 ques of each chapter this month for CMAT.

next week onwards wil start more specific targets.

All the best
Rav Singh



How to study for CMAT

  1. Temperature Check
  2. Complete the basics
  3. Sectional tests and exercises
  4. Start taking mocks every week
  5. Improve your weaker section
  6. Find shortcuts and strategies

Temperature check

Most common question in the mind of most of the students is where to start! This temperature check tool will help you analyze where you stand and how much improvement you need. Spend around 1 hour to 30 mins on this and at the end of it you will get a clear picture of your scores.

It will take one month to improve your weaker section. If you like a stranger and directly propose her she will slap! So first know her by talking to her, take her out for coffee then give your luck a try. Similarly start with the solved examples to know the topic well. Then try some more exercises to gain knowledge about the subject. Finally try to take some sectional tests to see your performance. Temperature check is given on next page.


Complete the basics | Revise the basics

By basics we mean what should be able to solve every question given in the books without any problem. If you have already completed the material available to you then move on to other books we would recommend RS Agrawal for all topics. Once you have completed the basics start the cycle of revising them all.

You will definitely score more than 100 – 120 marks if you have done the basics.


Sectional Tests and exercisesCMAT program

Start taking sectional tests and time based exercises. We would recommend taking 2 – 3 tests a week will see where you stand and how much improvement you need.


If you are unable to find any books with enough tests then start using your current book and start taking tests of 20 – 40 questions in 30 minutes.


Start taking mocks

We consider mocks to be kicks. Start taking mocks once every week, this will help you gauge your performance and know where you stand. Mock scores will also help you identify your aim and strategy for the last few days before CMAT. Please start your mocks even if you have not completed the chapters. Completing everything is a never ending process so start taking mocks from this week onwards.

We have good mock taking strategies program called mock engineering program but we won’t open our cards till you have solved a few mocks and have made some strategies. Then call us and we will help you frame a fool proof strategy for mocks.

It takes 3 hours to take a mock but will take another 2 hours to analyse the mocks. We have created a flowchart which will help you know where you stand and how much improvement you need in every section. Analysis should include your attempted, non-attempted questions. Silly mistakes and guess work attempts.

Improve your weaker area: Video link: how to plan for cmat