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Importance of CMAT Gk
Can you guess the final scores, Ranks and Scores of these 2 guys…

Student 1 Student 2
Quant 24/25 Quant 24/25
Logic 24/25 Logic 24/25
Verbal 19/25 Verbal 18/25

Their scores sounds same but when we see their final scores including GK:

Student 1 Student 2
Quant 24/25 Quant 24/25
Logic 24/25 Logic 24/25
Verbal 19/25 Verbal 18/25
GK 16/25 GK 8/25

Their Ranks, and colleges they got:

Student Student 1 Student 2
Quant 24 24
Logic 24 24
Verbal 19 18
Gk 16 8
Rank 2 150


CMAT GK, General Awareness section has been the stumbling block for many students across competitive examinations. CMAT 2013 will have 25 questions for GK and a potential high scoring section for students in the examination.

GK MBA Exams must do questions

[/tab] [tab title=”How to prepare GK video”] CMAT Results Analysis has shown the biggest differentiation between top ranks and the others is –  GK  !!!!

GK will be key in all of the exams  – SNAP/XAT/IIFT/CMAT 

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[/tab] [/tab] [tab title=”Cetking Online GK Material”] Cetking Mockengineering has launched General Knowledge Improvement program which includes –

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  • Mentorship program ( Alumni of Top B schools as your mentors )
[/tab] [tab title=”Visual GK Experience”]

SAARC NationsVisual GK SAARC Nations

SAARC Nations most common question GK questions. Spend 5 minutes on this Visual GK SAARC Nations and it will be registered on your mind the countries in SAARC Nations and countries which are not. Every country around India is part of India except China & Burma(Myanmar). Which Afghanistan and Maldives are not touching India but are part of SAARC Nations.

Can you try these questions now…. We are sure you will remember this!

Which of the following is not a SAARC country?

a) Maldives             b) Myanmar                            c) Afghanistan        d) Bhutan


Which of the following is a SAARC country?

a) Indonesia            b) Myanmar                            c) Thailand              d) Bhutan


Where was 2011 SAARC summit was organized?

a) Indonesia            b) Myanmar                            c) Maldives             d) Bhutan



So guys lets gear up and prepare for GK – believe me you can improve upon this by leaps and bounds

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GK MBA Exams must do questions


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